Nicole Bennett’s Homicide is Chock Full of Surprising Coincidences!

What Happened to Nicole Bennett?

Nicole Bennett’s intriguing case, which unfortunately turns out to be a homicide, has some characteristics to it that you seldom see. The issue of her religious affiliations seems to come up frequently when researching her case. I sensed (from the video explaining her conversion) the change in Nicole was wrought with peril.

Not that we can particularly tie in this issue of religion to what happened to her (probably during the evening of June 14th), but I nonetheless scratch my head in bewilderment when thinking of her conversion from Catholicism to this non-denominational Bay Shore Community Church (which I know nothing about).

This is Quite a Mystery!

To coin a common phrase, ‘this is quite a mystery!’ I’m satisfied I’ve done my homework, read over (evening studying) every published article I can find on the internet. Hey, I even watched Nancy Grace’s Friday show on Nicole Bennett three times, since there’s some information given that wasn’t covered in the articles I read. Her team did a good job investigating Nicole Bennett’s yet unsolved murder, so I thank them for that!

nicole bennett
What’s the real reason why Nicole Bennett left the Catholic Church?

One item that baffles me, however, (actually there are a number of evidentiary clues that baffle me considerably) is some reports claim Nicole phoned her husband, Kevin, around 7:40 PM to say she’d be a little longer with her work at the Bay Shore Community Church. The Cape Gazette reported Nicole had rather texted Kevin. I realize, this is splitting hairs, but which is it, a phone call or a text? One is a bit more of an aggressive form of communication, the other much more passive.

Little Town of Millsboro, Delaware

As I did my research, I had to look at a map of Delaware, had to find the tiny speck of a town, Millsboro; this made me wonder why or how Nicole and her family found out about this town, which has a population of only about 4,000 people, but appears to be growing rapidly. Nicole, her husband Kevin, and three daughters have been living in Millsboro for less than a year. *(Again, this may be inconsequential to Nicole’s final fate.)

Naturally, I was curious why they had chosen to join this church (BSCC). Once again, there may not be a tie-in with her murder, but these questions run through your mind when you’re trying to formulate some kind of logical theory for why this happened, or who may have done this to Nicole. Geography, demographics, religion, employment, and personality are all fodder for postulates: what exactly went down the night of the 14th?

What Time Did She Depart Bay Shore?

Her red minivan remains at the church with many of her belongings still inside. What time did she depart Bay Shore? Did she even leave the church, or did the perpetrator take her inside the church? This doesn’t seem very likely, since her stuff was already in the minivan. A more probable scenario, is she was taken just as she was getting into her car. Even this is hard to see, since we don’t hear of any traces of a struggle here (in her parking space at BSCC).

I learned the most I could about Swamp Road (even looked at a Google map), which is actually located in Maryland, in an article published by WBOC 16 (One Week Later, No Arrests in Bennett Murder Case by Michael Lopardi). Nicole’s body was spotted by a passer-by down an embankment (off the dirt road) close to a tree resident of Whaleyville call ‘the ghost tree.’

nicole bennett swamp road
The perpetrator would need to be familiar with this isolated Swamp Road (in Maryland) location, before using it to dump Nicole Bennett’s body.

The Ghost Tree

I wondered how visible the body was, or whether this man had to look fairly hard to see it? The time of the discovery was 9 AM on Friday, the 15th of June. This would be 13 hours and 20 minutes after Nicole texted (or phoned) Kevin. A select few would know about this isolated location which has the ghost tree.

A main concern of many is that Kevin didn’t notify the authorities (right away), that he didn’t hear back from his wife, until 8 AM on Friday. By the way, some have made light of the unexplained coincident that her body was found just one hour after the husband called in an alert. Kevin may have a good reason for this, but we haven’t heard what that explanation of tardiness is yet.

The Sticky Issue

I return to the sticky issue of Ms. Bennett wandering away from the Catholic Church. I’m seeing this as significant, but I don’t know just why? From my own experience, I’ve come to believe Cradle Catholics don’t separate from the Mother Church too easily. I was reminded of that phrase from the movie The Firm (I’m being facetious, so take it easy!) ‘No one leaves The Firm, Mitch, no one!’ Probably barking up the wrong tree, but we need to look at every angle.

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