Jennifer Trayers Love Triangle Trial Reads as a Raymond Chandler Crime Novel!

Too bad Raymond Chandler’s not alive anymore. He’d have a field day with the Jennifer Trayers Love Triangle Trial. It would be fodder for his next detective crime novel. Possible title: The Deadly LoveBoat, starring the usual icy upstart blonde, a calculating, jealous wife, and the victim, a spineless, teeter-tottering navy doctor who pushes the button of marital bliss, turned upside down a little too hard.

Well, LA didn’t have the kinds of technology lying around, such as spyware, with which to monitor your husband’s emails and catch him cheating. As a matter of fact, they didn’t have emails at all or the internet back in the late thirties. You had to hire a private-eye such as Philip Marlowe to tail your meandering spouse, who in turn had to use his own photographer to capture a moment of conjugal slippage.

jt deadly loveboat

Times are different, but primordial human emotions have pretty much stayed the same. The question is (for the jury and an enraptured public), was Jennifer Trayers working with a full deck (the morning of December 4, 2010), or did she black out like a white zombie when she plunged Fred’s military Ka-Bar knife directly into his heart? And why was she so accurate if she was in such a drastically altered state of mind?

jennifer trayers x

As Jennifer Trayers testified yesterday (I only saw snippets of it), we go back to the actual scene of the murder. But did it really go down the way she said it did? She says he dropped the Ka-Bar knife as he reached for it on the night stand. The narrative is choppy, but apparently she beat him to the punch in grabbing this superior weapon before he could. Does this mean the first strike to Fred’s neck was from the ordinary kitchen knife?

I’m confused regarding the sequence of how she stabbed her husband. He must have been awake, since he has defensive wounds on his hands. Some struggle must have taken place, but why did Jennifer get the upper hand so easily? We hear also Fred took some sleeping pills, so maybe he was getting drowsy and weaker as the downers took affect? Moreover, this would explain why he dropped the superior military weapon when attempting to grab it to defend himself.

jt mistress

But something’s not right here! Does the evidence of the crime scene corroborate this narrative of the husband killing, as presented by the defense? If it does, then the jury will have to believe that an element of consummate premeditation is considerably diminished. I need to see the crime scene photos for myself. I need to read the full pristine text of the dreaded email (sent to Danielle Robins) in its entirety also. If I do so, much of the fog will lift!

Not all of it, I’ll qualify. The email was sent while Fred was in the bathroom. It reeks of planning, even referring to Fred in the past tense, as if he was already dead! It resembles more a journal than a one off email, fired off in a moment of uncontrollable passion. But why did Jennifer torture herself and keep this zany journal, a green with jealousy diary of unsavory thoughts? Why buy spyware to intrude on her husband’s privacy?

This is criminal behavior unto itself. And why was she so idle at home by herself? Why didn’t she have a job to go to? She seems to be intelligent and capable (and a good actress to boot). Perhaps, Fred was more attracted to Danielle since she was a hard working, aspiring doctor? The professional angle rears its ugly head. Too much idle time at home in their cozy condo may have been Jennifer’s undoing. Nothing to do but premeditate all day. Cool blonde scoring brownie points ’til the cows go home! Where’s my Little Sister?

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