Is Picture Worth a Thousand Words? Cindy/Caylee in Pool Spells DROWNING!

“People are strange when you’re a stranger, Faces look ugly when you’re alone. Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted, Streets are uneven when you’re down. When you’re strange, Faces come out of the rain. When you’re strange, No one remembers your name. When you’re strange, When you’re strange, When you’re strange. (Repeat)” People Are Strange – Strange Days – The Doors

Why are there so many photos of Cindy and Caylee on the pool ladder or in the pool? I’m not overly prone to conspiracy theories, but I did think it peculiar, what with all the pool pix shown by Jose Baez on Friday, as powerful defense evidence.

cindy and caylee in pool

Just a coincidence I suppose, but you must admit, it provides a good opportunity for Jose Baez to plant an image in the jurors’ heads of pools, spooky ladders, and a toddler who couldn’t stay away from a good swim.

The tip off for the staging is that grandmother and granddaughter are positioned on multiple rungs of this odd ladder, as if it’s a demonstration for child safety at home swimming pools. Silly thought, but did it cross your mind also as you watched Friday’s excitement?

I remember that Cindy had testified before that she and Caylee had taken a lengthy swim together after returning from a visit to her father’s. This would be Sunday, June15, 2008 (Father’s Day), the day before Caylee disappeared. Moreover, Cindy said she recalled taking the ladder down for the reasons of safety (as far as Caylee is concerned).

Cindy told us about Monday, June 15, 2008 (with Friday’s testimony); when she returned home from her nursing job, she was shocked to see the ladder attached again and the gate ajar. She immediately called George to question him about this peculiarity.

cindy putting caylee in pool

Another shocker, was that Cindy mentioned telling detective Yuri Melich (on July 16th) about her concerns regarding the ladder being attached to the pool, when she had taken it off the previous evening. This must be a reference to when Cindy called Melich about her concerns or suspicions of this ‘pool incident,’ during the time he was drilling Casey over at Universal.

The point is (I believe Jose Baez is driving home), that Detective Melich never pursued this lead, you know, the possibility of an accidental drowning. Cindy had also mentioned this strangeness to some co-workers on June 17th. Florida has the highest number of children drowning in the country, but it didn’t register with Yuri.

But if George had last seen Caylee around 1:PM on that Monday, and Cindy comes home later (I would like to know exactly when she did return home), and finds the backyard swimming pool situation all topsy-turvy, then when did this accident occur, and who was it who put the ladder down and left the gate open? This is a mystery within a bigger mystery that could use some investigating in to.

My curiosity is raging, why wasn’t Detective Melich’s? I won’t go into it here, but there was negligence implied also by Baez (as far as Detective Melich goes) regarding his inability in connecting the dots of the duct tape up.

ladder on pool

It was found in three places: on the gas can, used for the missing Caylee flyers (August of 2008), and finally, three pieces were found at the recovery scene. Yuri never ties these three clusters of Henkel duct tape together. George can be associated more easily with the idiosyncratic Henkel duct tape, but Casey can’t be!

Another teeny bit that plants a suggestive image in our mind (and in the jurors), is of Caylee opening the family living room sliding glass door. This photo (once again, maybe just another coincident of trick photography) implies that Caylee could open this door up. Cindy added there weren’t any bars blocking its access.

Just a little bit. And then there are the shoes. Caylee loved to wear shoes and Cindy said she put shoes on her frequently. Yet the remains were found without shoes. The implication here, is that if she drowned, the toddler would likely be without shoes.

And maybe this is what Baez was going for, when pursuing the whereabouts and history of those reddish shorts Caylee’s remains were found in. Clue me in, if you understand what the significance of the shorts are!

cindy and caylee on ladder

Caylee couldn’t get enough of this swimming fun. I’m not so sure I buy this cover story of Jose Baez, but you have to hand it to him, he’s playing his hand brilliantly. It looks like he’s getting the Anthony’s in his court. Ganging up on the prosecution and taking their little girl home. Or the only one they got left.

But until we can find out why this ladder was up and why the gate was opened on June 16th, 2008, we can’t dispel suspicions of an accidental drowning. If no photos were taken of the infant in the pool (in multiple positions even) with her grandma, then yea, maybe it could be swept under the rug.

Instead we get a slide presentation wailing on every talk show in America! I even put a pic of Caylee and Cindy splashing in the pool on my desktop as a screensaver! You are missing the point, if you believe the accidental drowning theory is preposterous.

It is preposterous. But since so many loose ends exist in the thesis of how the State says it happens, relatively speaking, the defense’s version is equally feasible. *(This is Part I for Friday’s action. Part II [which I’ll give you tomorrow] will be Lee Anthony, Detective Melich, and Linda Tennelli).

See you tomorrow!