Is It Coincidental We Have Another Missing Petite Blonde Coed, Mickey Shunick?

I wish I could provide you with more information on the circumstances of how Mickey Shunick vanished, but there’s not very much to go on. You can try the Facebook page findmickeynow for a bit of data, but not a lot. After my ending, I’ll link you to the YouTube video Mickey Shunick: Find Mickey Now!, which is where an organized search party has posted their spirited efforts to find the 22-year-old senior college coed, who is an anthropology major at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. I attempt to latch onto important clues, but none so obvious are available.

mickey shunick

Mickey left a friend’s house early last Saturday morning (May 19, 2012), at 2:00 AM, on her bike, to return to her home. I can’t tell you much about the layout of the streets there in Lafayette, since I’m not from there, but you can look at maps on Google. Her starting point was the 100 block of Ryan Street and her probable destination was located at the intersection of Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Congress Street. Let’s see? Is that about a three mile bicycle ride?

Her bicycle has been earmarked as an important clue by Mickey’s family and her close friends, who are struggling so hard to find out what happened to her. A photo duplicate or a replica of this black Schwinn with gold handle bar grips has been displayed on the above referenced video. It’s likely (as criminal profiler Pat Brown said last night on JVM), that wherever this distinct bike is, that’s where Mickey will be. Naturally, Mickey Shunick’s physical description is significant, and her petite blonde look (white female, blond curly hair, 5 feet, one inch tall, and 115 pounds) has been widely promulgated on a missing person’s poster.

Mickey seems to have a lot of caring friends and no known enemies. Her mother, Nancy Rowe, has expressed to the media that Mickey didn’t have any kind of dark side. While Nancy is her mother, others have expressed similar sentiments as to Mickey’s rather pleasant, sunny personality or character. This would seem to rule out somebody having a grudge against her, or pursuing some sort of vendetta against her (for some unknown wrong they may have endured). Yet one small observation does ring a bell for me!

Apparently, some neighbors did file reports with the Lafayette Police Department that they’d seen suspicious activity in the vicinity of where Mickey’s path was on her bike ( What they meant by suspicious activity is anybody’s guess! Otherwise, we hear this is a mostly safe neighborhood, but maybe not entirely safe as we would prefer it to be. I forgot to mention, Mickey was wearing a brown leather backpack purse also. When last seen, she had on a pastel, multi-colored striped shirt, light wash skinny jeans, and grey shoes.

Not a lot to go on so far. Could this be another stranger abduction? These are suppose to be rare, but seem to be getting more frequent. An article I read in USA Today mentioned Lauren Spierer. The piece just casually mentioned her, but didn’t attempt to connect the two cases together. The writer isn’t even credited in the article, but obviously they wanted to plant a seed in our heads by way of an analogy. Or it worked on me in that way, but I’m a vulnerable old coot! Blond hair, a petite build, both young college students. Here we go again, down the yellow brick road to nowhere! Help me to purge myself of such random, reckless analogy!

Mickey Shunick: Find Mickey Now! – YouTube