Hot Sauce Mom Gets Off – Damnation to Dante’s INFERNO Just Around Corner?

Hot Sauce Mom’s sentence on Monday of a 180-days of jail and a fine of $2,500 was tempered by a suspension of this same said sentence, on the condition that she averts any further criminal offenses over the next three years. Judge David Wallace had mercy on HSM, since she has no priors and was brimming with contrition in court.

Hot Sauce Mom is Jessica Beagley, an Alaska mother who caused an uproar with her viral video broadcast on Dr. Phil last November 17th. I am certain you have seen the video several hundred times yourself, where she pours hot sauce down the throat of her adopted Russian son, then forces him to take a cold shower.

The circumstances of the atrocity are fairly well intertwined with another modern sin, a burning desire to be on national TV, and to expose your dirty laundry in the public eye, where millions can see in the light of day.

hot sauce mom

The pouring of hot sauce down the youngster’s throat is sensational, and was contrived by Jessica Beagley in this very context of over-the-top ambition.

Other factors contribute to my belief that Beagley’s actions add up to heinous child abuse. One factor is that she ordered her other children to video her tele-play, while she exhibited the cruelest of behavior ever seen ; except maybe Joan Crawford’s Mommy Dearest atrocities, as aptly played-out by Faye Dunaway some years back.

As you watch the viral Hot Sauce Mom video, an eerie vibe o’ertakes you; you realize Jessica has staged and choreographed this entire frightening charade just to impress the producers of the Dr. Phil show.

Her disturbing acts are not so much the brunt of a colossal atrocity as is the contrivance and ego-charged, blinding ambition (exhibited) of in the cards Reality TV SUPERSTARDOM!


Moreover, the lamb-ish Russian boy did nothing more than toss a few pencils around at his school house. A venal sin that sits way over on the harmless, benign end of the sin graph, that is the lexicon of ethical behavior in our mixed-up society.

One senses that Jessica simply latched on to this muted imbroglio just as an excuse to showcase her ‘PERFORMANCE-ART-HOUSE-OF-HORRORS!’

Another observation I made, when watching her guest appearance on Dr. Phil, was her face, a face that reveals an exceedingly stern woman before you.

If Beagley can look this mean-faced on national television, than just imagine how mean she gets when behind closed doors. Her eyes, lips, nose, and curly black hair reek with anger, revenge, and yes, hate.

HSM could easily play the Wicked Witch of the West, if Hollywood ever produces a remake of The Wizard of Oz. I think you will agree with this assessment, and also agree, it’s no exaggeration. Her demeanor, her aura is just not right. The court better watch her carefully for the next three years, or she’ll repeat her crimes.

In days begone, HSM would have been burned at the stake (in a public square) for practicing this kind of witchcraft, public devilry and grandstanding for a talk show chance.

This is exploitation of her children just so she could get on TV. Her humility and contrition in court (on Monday) was a trans-lucid contrivance in order to get away with this foulest form of HOT-SAUCING!

Judge Wallace was way too easy on her. But let me remind you, once Peter turns the keys of the Pearly Gates (to a locked position) , HSM will go down the drain of infamy (and to the fiery chasms of Dante’s INFERNO), once timeless chronicles are chiseled in stone for future generations to meditate on.