Does the Wal-Mart Tape Suggest Complicity Between Brittany Smith & Jeffrey Easle

This afternoon I’m reviewing the dramatic ending to the Brittany Mae Smith and Jeffrey Scott Easley mystifying disappearance, from Virginia a week ago Friday. This has the appearance of a happy ending. But today is cold and dark. Otherwise, I might be outside doing some walking or maybe sneaking off to a movie. Yet don’t want a repeat of yesterday’s gruesome experience with Black Swan, little over-the-top for my taste. Come to think of it, after rereading what I wrote, ‘ending’ is not the right word choice.

brittany smith nancy grace
A prolific display of photographs on the Nancy Grace Show aided a clerk at a Safeway in San Francisco in identifying Brittany and Jeff, when they were panhandling outside the store.

And now we are finding out that a clerk at this Safeway store actually saw the missing (estranged?) two on Nancy Grace, which is broadcast on weekdays at 7:00 PM (SST). Nancy projects a slew of photos of both victims and criminals as a sort of ongoing slide show. This barrage of images often has the effect of consummating a permanent commitment to memory (of these characters) on the part of her enraptured audience. IE, this clerk knew full well the two impoverished waifs were in fact instant ‘celebrities,’ after the perplexing contingencies of December 3rd.

As for the vehicle, Tina Smith’s silver 2005 Dodge Neon, it was found in a parking lot near (or adjacent to) the San Francisco Airport. It was unclear to me exactly when the cops found Tina’s car. A CNN article says it was found early on in the manhunt. If it was found last week sometime, that would mean the authorities already knew then that Brittany and Jeff were in the Bay Area. Don’t know why they are withholding this small piece of evidence?

Then again, I don’t understand why the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office is not disclosing the cause of Tina’s death. But I have my suspicions. Maybe, they want to ask Brittany if she knows how her mother died? I thought it was most revealing to hear that Brittany did already know of her mother’s death. But naturally enough, she could have heard about it on the news while on the lam.

Still one wonders, was Brittany there with her mother when she was killed? And was it Easley who killed his live-in girlfriend? It seems highly probable. But why did he do it? Had Tina discovered something about the way that he and Brittany were communicating? Don’t try to hide it, my friend! Was there inappropriate amorous relations here? This troubling thought comes to mind when you review the scant morsels of data, the birdseed of info we peons have been tossed, that will unveil the naked kismet of happenstance.

One thing for me that sticks out and won’t go away, as hard as I try, is why would Jeff post on Brittany Mae’s MySpace page, “I love you too. Trust me. Everything will work out,” if Brittany was with him at the time? This was on that Friday, the 3rd, when everything becomes unraveled between these three people in this bizarre maelstrom of a story. Remember, that Tina had just posted, “Everything happens for a reason, Britt. I-L-Y.” Tina’s words haunt me to the bone, and won’t say goodbye. Did Tina mean she was meant to die? This inevitable resignation of willfulness on Tina’s part crashes down us, when our sensible defense mechanisms give way and collapse under the weight of parsimonious fatalism.

Tina’s words bespeak an unsettling cognizance of what was about to go down, I mean it was coming to a head, and her fate was sealed. Was this an elaborate plot, and I won’t say what I mean, or was Jeff simply set off by something trivial and kills her in a fit of rage. I will suggest, this is why the nature of Tina’s crime scene is being carefully secreted by the police. I suspect that the crime scene (if it could speak) hints at elements of premeditation. Hell, as far back as when Jeff was communicating with Tina on the internet, before he moved in, he may have hatched a plot.

And so, one can’t help but wonder whether Brittany didn’t flee Virginia with Jeff willingly. You know, with the full faculties of her own volition. This is just what everyone is wondering about. This is also what everyone wishes for the answer no. We would prefer to believe she acted out of fear for Jeff, but we don’t have any specific information at hand that would point us in that more wholesome direction. On the contrary, what little we have suggests the girl went with, hung out with Jeff willingly.

brittany and jeff walmart
A clear birdseye shot of Brittany and Jeff as they make a clean getaway from the Salem WalMart. The two appear to be working together. What do you think?

It’s not the Wal-Mart tape where you find such sunny scenarios? This has been made available on YouTube now, and I will link it for you after my final words of testament. We lay folk must rely on this Wal-Mart tape for best indications of how these two interfaced, functioned together in those early moments after poor Tina Smith was left for dead at her Salem home.

Examine this carefully. Brittany could have run away anytime during this shopping spree, or she could have screamed out for help to the employees or to the customers. And watch her at the checkout counter; she is openly putting items on the rubber conveyer belt for the cashier to scan. Eerie for me, is when Jeff scans Tina’s credit card and nervously awaits for the sale to clear, so they could get the hell outta Dodge. Now here’s the kicker!

brittany smith and jeff easley walmart
A WalMart security guard calls the two back after they nearly had completely left the store. Why did he call them back? Was he suspicious of them for some unknown reason? Why did he let them go so easily?

In the late 1960s runaway kids from the suburbs of America floated their way into San Francisco, in search of some ineffable dream. Perhaps it was a desire for freedom from some compromising fiascos of the past. An eyesore of an outgrowth of what we use to call the Generation Gap. Could this be a fit with Jeff and Brittany? Was there a rift between Tina and Brittany that went south, slid downhill, and tragedy strikes unexpectedly? This sketch of events implies that Jeff is not entirely at fault. Our answer will only come after detectives can question Jeff and Brittany about the unusual way these events played out on the stage of life.

The Wal-Mart Tape of Brittany Mae Smith and Jeffrey Easley