Does the Key to Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse’s Deaths Lie in Their Old Case

With US Attorney Jay Hileman quitting his role of prosecuting the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, might we say the killers of Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse are winning out? There are 40,000 prosecutors in our country; can we protect all of them with armed guards around the clock?

That’s a loaded question, of course not! And where are the probes of these major investigations going? Are there yet any significant clues or leads, or only dead-ends?

There were several items in the news yesterday that at least roused my curiosity, although I doubt they’ll lead to a solution to the assassinations of two Texas prosecutors.

kaufman county court
Kaufman County justice center in North east Texas.

The second lead reported in the news (by CNN – which is where I saw it), is that investigators met (at a Denny’s restaurant) with one Eric Williams, a former justice of the peace, who was caught on camera robbing the Kaufman County courthouse of computer monitors and got two years probation (I don’t know exactly when the robbery occurred).

Some DNA swabs of Eric Williams were obtained at the Denny’s (I suppose); does this mean some DNA of the killer(s) was deposited at the McLelland residence?

While these two leads are most likely mere dead-ends, it is good to know they (which includes the sheriff’s office, Kaufman police, Texas Rangers, and the FBI) are taking a pro-active approach to discovering who actually did these vicious murders, or who is behind it (if hitmen were hired or coerced into doing it).

The bottom line, is that going through all of Mark Hasse and Mike McLelland’s past cases (as to someone who may have held a lingering grudge) is tedious grunge work. I believe it will pay off, though.

This is the most logical course the investigation can take; I’m convinced whoever did these killing is resting conspicuously in one of these cold case files, or perhaps, better said, they’re warm to flaming red-hot files, I don’t know for sure!

I’m sure curious about this Meth-Gang that (I hear) is operating unimpeded in the North Texas region. And who was it that Mark Hasse was so afraid of? And why did Mike McLelland say openly that Hasse wasn’t involved in prosecuting the Aryan Brotherhood, if he really was?

These tie-ins fall through my fingers freely; I know nothing, but do the real detectives have an inside on what maybe happened? Is Tom Clements death in Colorado somehow connected to the tumult and mayhem besetting rural North Texas?

My intuition tells me they are linked, but I don’t have anything hard to hang my hat on. And what about this Meth Group? Are they connected to the Aryan Brotherhood? How about the Mexican cartels? Could they possibly all be linked together?

My anxiety and a surging fear factor, that is a choking mushroom cloud poisoning our once great Lone Star State, is causing me to speculate wildly and outside the bounds of common sense. Because of the nature of what has transpired, I strongly suspect this is some sophisticated form or mutation of organized crime behind these heinous crimes.

Are the Mexican cartels now operating freely in Texas? This is a fear even the governor is starting to espouse. Jay Hileman probably did what any one of us would do in this dicey situation, and given the high levels of intimidation projected, he got out of Dodge! And yet who will bite the bullet and draw the line in sand (like they did at the Alamo)? I wonder!

The Dallas News