Unraveling The 4000 Year-Old Marriage Institution

Supreme Court Rules On Marriage

The Supreme Court will decide the fate of the marital institution in the next few months. Hearing arguments for same-sex ‘marriage’ this week, will put a decision by the SC sometime in June.

Once again, emotion seems to trump rational thinking. Marriage does not seem to be with only one woman and one man. A privilege-not a right-is being convoluted into a crime of hate and bigotry to those endorsing same-sex marriage. Those who want their same-sex union made into a marriage, do not understand what a privilege is, and how it differs from a right.

Gay March celebrating 2005 Pride Day and Same Sex Marriage Law in Spain
Gay March celebrating 2005 Pride Day and SameSex Marriage Law in Spain.

Privileges Versus Rights

Some citizens are granted privileges because their abilities offer them the possibility of what others cannot do. Many such privileges exist. One is an airline pilot. Sex is not a deterring factor. But the ability to fly a specific type plane is. That person will not be given that privilege if one has acrophobia, or extreme fear of heights. One is not being discriminated against, if he simply does not have the skill set for flying a Boeing 767 at 30,000 feet. This person will not be allowed to fly.

If a person has a fear of needles (1 out of every 10 people), it’s called trypanophobia. That person can’t be a doctor, and probably won’t enter the medical profession. A fear of animals? Zoophobia. A lack of rational thinking puts being a nuclear physicist out of the question. Hydrophobia-fear of water? No cruise ship captains. A concert pianist? A big-rig driver? Any large machine operator? A race horse jockey? A race car driver? A particular skill-set enables one the privilege of those job functions. If you don’t have those abilities, you don’t have those privileges.

There’s going to be caveats for most any profession, or specialized job function. Procreation, or baby-making, is a major part of getting married. It’s a particularly specialized job. Many don’t want, or can’t have, babies. Same sex couples know they can’t have children, unless they obtain them some other way. There is no law preventing that, but 41 states now say you have to be married to have children under DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), and to get special benefits for being married.

Only in the last 10 years have gay couples been pushing for marriage. They likely can do a lot of things-they just can’t have kids. It’s time for the ‘left’ to stop the accusations, the name calling, and the hatred.

Dissolving Marriage Only The Start

Truth be told, anyone can have sex anytime they want. But a marriage contract is a license for heterosexual married couples to obtain tax advantages, survivor benefits, spousal death bequeaths, and decision-making ability for an unable spouse. Worse yet, is the likely direction of any elimination of marriage requirements. Look for multiple-person marriages (polyamory, e.g., three women and two men; polygynous (one husband, multiple wives); polyandrous (one wife, multiple husbands), marriages to a close relative, adult-child marriages, marriage to your pet (dog/cat/iguana/snake/etc…), or whatever the mind can imagine.

Moon Mission Was A Privilege

Marriage between one woman and one man has been around for thousands of years. Why has the definition of marriage changed within the last ten?

It was good to have Neil Armstrong and ‘Buzz’ Aldrin land the Eagle on the moon. Both could do extra-ordinary things. They were not better people, but had the ability for space-faring. Although they couldn’t have any babies together…