Do Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn Live Together in Austin Now?

I often see Hailey Dunn missing persons’ flyers on poles on 5th street (between Lamar and Congress) when returning to work from lunch, which is usually at the Flagship Whole Foods (6th and Lamar). Seeing these flyers are a reminder of a nearly classic case, one uniquely Texan, that has some hair-raising ingredients, that in my mind, could only happen in Texas.

Well, I’ll not go there for now, but just to say, many of us Texans are reviewing once again the salient facts surrounding Hailey’s suspicious disappearance, as we anticipate a possible positive identification of her remains at this odd location, Desert Tanks (which makes steel oil tanks) and is located near Big Spring Mamahon-Wrinkle Airport. Wherever that may be? This is nowheresville, which may explain why the perpetrator chose it for depositing the remains.

hailey dunn

It must be clarified, at the time Hailey Dunn went missing (December 28, 2010), this industrial looking location was a business by the name of American Limestone. Not that we should care too much that it’s a different business now, but for the sake of integrity and truthfulness, we have to go back in time 15 months or so, to see the exact circumstances of Billie Jean Dunn and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, Colorado City, Big Spring, and the distances between these places.

Hey, we might need to look at some detailed maps of Texas to get our bearings. And ABC stories have lots of the old news footage to help us to remember how the case first broke, and some of the unusual quirks that hit the newswires in a split second. I look at so many cases; memories can fade out fairly quickly. Nancy Grace helped last night; the image barrages unleash dwindling banks of data, that remain in our heads, but are buried under the debris of additional landfills of information.

We hear also (which is a little shocking) that Shawn and Billie are back together. We hear they are in Travis County somewhere. Hey, that would be Austin! Nancy showed some of the disturbing footage of one of Shawn’s homemade snuff films. This was already known to me, yet I learned some new things also. In February of 2011 police had confiscated many child pornography images, which were on a memory stick. The photos were found both at Shawn’s home (wherever that might be) and on a computer at his mother’s home.

Furthermore, I needed to review Shawn’s version of events, dating back to December 28, 2010. He was a busy man that day. Cell phone pings tell a different story than what he told the police. What I want to know, or better, what I need to know, is why did he make so many phone calls (like 20 calls) from Billie and Hailey’s house (at around 7 in the morning) that crucial morning? Who’d he call?

shawn and billie

Naturally, we wonder why Billie is together again with Shawn Adkins. Does she know more than she is saying about her daughter’s disappearance? How could she have this knowledge and not be filled with repulsion and self-contempt? Of course, we don’t know if she knows anything. But why is she in denial about Adkins’ possible role in what happened to an innocent teenage cheerleader, Hailey Dunn? Telephone pole missing persons’ flyers are quickly torn off by efficient city workers. But you can’t tear off memories of foul play from your brain so easily. The memories are indelibly imprinted on your cerebral cortex.

Timeline of events after Hailey Dunn’s disappearance – KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock