Did Faith Hedgepeth’s Killer Live at the Hawthorne at the View Apartments?

Who murdered Faith Hedgepeth at the Hawthorne at the View apartment complex, which is just 3 miles north of the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina? The police are saying little, not even revealing who discovered Faith dead, at around 11 AM last Friday (we’re hearing).

Startling news footage from an ABC affiliate 11 (dated Sunday, 9/09), shows the Hawthorne cordoned off with yellow crime tape, and projects an interview with one Takoy Jones, who was once a roommate of Faith Hedgepeth.

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Just an observation, which often seems to hold water from my perspective, and that’s we can get a good deal more of the truth regarding a news story, from the freshest coverage promulgated directly after the event, that caused the news crews to scramble to the scene of the episode (or milestone) in the first place. In this case, it’s the murder of Faith Hedgepeth.

As I made my way through a bevy of articles on Faith’s case, proceeding from today’s date and working backwards, I thought of this candid maxim that appears to bind the world of journalism, if not the telling of history, whose importance can’t be determined until many years later, when arduous meditations can forge a clear picture of one charged event.

Alright, so I’m waxing philosophical, beating around the bush, and failing to tell you how this theory of journalism applies to Faith Hedgepeth. As more time piles on, moving away from the moment of an event, the truth tends to muddy, the stories tend to get more general, and defense mechanisms crop up to countermand what little gleaning of the truth may have originally spilled forth. Without massaging the news, reporters may accidentally stumble upon what really happened, and not even be aware of it.

Well, we need to know, who did find Faith Hedgepeth last Friday? And what’s her roommate’s name? Is Faith’s roommate the ex-girlfriend of Takoy Jones, who gave a candid interview with ABC 11? We know also that Takoy Jones was still living at the Hawthorne at the View apartments. But who is he living with currently? And was his breakup with Faith Hedgepeth’s current roommate (we don’t know her name yet) amicable, or rather, was it tumultuous and troubled?

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I’m not suggesting that Takoy Jones is a suspect or anything, but I did think it was a little odd he still resided at the same apartment complex as his ex-girlfriend. The close proximity is somewhat uncomfortable, if the two had a traumatic parting of the ways. And what part did Faith play, if any, in this breakup? News coverage portrays her as a perfect angel, and I’m willing to believe every word of it.

Still, this makes it all the harder to determine who would want to kill her. The police are hinting, this isn’t random, Faith knew her killer. Why would someone have a vendetta against this young, promising student who was a biology major? Moreover, Faith was a Native American and was very active in their causes, both on the UNC campus and elsewhere.

Therefore, the question pops up, and it’s not such an easy one to ask, was there possibly any animosity directed at Faith Hedgepeth, being a Native American as she was? I’m sure you thought of this, but no one has bothered to ask it (at least publicly).

Yea, when I’m researching a story, I always return to the earliest articles posted, when a news service scoops the raw information, before every Tom, Dick, and Harry arrives on the scene. Everything happens right at the point of the Hawthorne at the View apartment complex (and on 9/7). Everything!

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