Pro-Indian Govt. Offered State Honors to The Great Traitor, Late Ram Raja Prasad

One of the great traitors of Nepal, Ram Raja Prasad Singh died in 12 Sep.2012. Ram Raja passed his whole life on Indian soil to create disturbances in Nepal. He was a terrorist who had bombarded Narayanhiti Palace and Aanapurna Hotel 1986 and Parliament house. At that time Ram Raja Prasad had killed many leaders, including Hon. DombarJung Gurung and common people Sarita Poudyal and other Nepalis, and destroyed basic infrastructure with the help of Indian intelligence, always against Nepal.

After 2007, the Maoist Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai with the help of India stood as a presidential candidate in the last election but he did not succeed. Ram Raja Prasad Singh was a republican man because Indian leaders never wanted a monarchy in Nepal. He is only a layman, and can’t be counted as an honorable person.

Now, after Ram Raja Prasad Singh’s death, the pro-Indian government has decided to praise the traitor and give him a state honor as he fathered Republicanism in Nepal. The government honoured the layman with a 13-gun salute.

Why Did Army Chief Salute A Traitor To Nepal?

I want to know why the new Army chief Gaurab Shamshere Rana agreed to salute such a traitor with a 13-gun salute? I request to the army HQ, it should be given clearance because it is very sensitive for Nepalese prestige. It is a great shame for all nationalist Nepalese. He was not a revolutionary leader, only a spy for India.

Why has the Government cremated the Indian spy offering state honors at Pashupati Aryaghat? I hate the Baburam Bhattarai government that has given state honors to the terrorist Ramraja Prasad Singh.

Nepal has no threat from China in the north as it has always remained in favor of Nepal’s sovereignty and independence. China does not support any kind of outside interference in Nepal. But Nepal has always been in awe from India’s interference and plots. India never has never supported political stability in Nepal. It has instead always used such traitors as the late Ram Raja Prasad, and the culprits – Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda.

Time For Nepalis To Speak Up

It is the right time for all the nationalist, democratic and progressive forces to come together to save this country from corruption, such traitors’ activities and foreign interference. The pro-Indian government is not capable of solving all the people’s problems. There should be conscious to save the continuity of Nepalese unity and nationality with the monarchy. Without a monarchical democratic system, Nepal can’t adjust. So, we Nepalese people should decide the real path of politics and what kind of political system we want.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.