Did Charity Pulley Willingly Leave Her Grand Saline, TX Home With A Stranger?

In sizing up what may have happened to Charity Pulley, 17, with the handful of information we’re given (either from law enforcement or infrequent media coverage), I sense some complicity on her part in leaving her Grand Saline home. This theory may be due to the fact that her screen had to be removed with a screwdriver, so she could escape from her bedroom window, late in the evening on September 18th, which was a Tuesday, a school night no less. Other facts support this, although it’s not conclusive.

I mean, while we’re not told what exactly (by Van Zandt County [East Texas] law enforcement) was found on her computer, we are told she was signing up on some dating sites, using several different names. This leads to the likelihood Charity met someone online, which possibly developed further to this misaligned rendezvous, late on 9/18/2012. However, other missing links that straddle the fence of Charity’s complicity to leave home, are outliers that pull us in a contrary direction.

charity pulley

Alright, so that stumped you somewhat, but evidence in missing person’s case comes by way of shades in grey, not black and white clarity that shouts out ‘this is exactly what occurred the night in question!’ That is, and I won’t beat around the bush any further, Charity left behind her Texas driver’s license, her cell phone, and even her eyeglasses, which we can see her in, (in) several photos made available by her family. Now the theory of her willingness to leave home is not quite so lucidly transparent!

Charity Pulley did, however, depart her bedroom with her Apple Ipad, we’re hearing from her father, Jewelus Pulley. I see this as falling on the complicity side of the equation. This person who took her away, possibly a predator of some sort, may have coaxed her to go with him, and not make such a big deal about it, leaving behind items most of us see as necessities when traveling even a short distance. All three items left behind are mandatory anytime we leave home; driver’s license, cell phone, and eyeglasses.

For me, I can’t even get out of bed and walk into the kitchen to make my morning coffee without my glasses. But then again, I’m extremely near-sighted. Charity’s probably not that bad off. I derail! Sorry! The other argument which has an equal measure of plausibility to it, is that this mystery man (who thought to bring a screwdriver along on his malignant trip) may have semi-forced her out of her house, or at least tricked her into believing she wouldn’t be gone too terribly long from her home.

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Apparently, Charity has done this kind of thing before, by communicating with ‘stranger men’ on the internet. Wednesday’s Jane Velez Mitchell show (HLN of course) brought out this fact about Charity Pulley connecting up with a 36-year-old man on the internet previously. Her parents caught her this time around, before she actually met up with this man in person. Jewelus Pulley, her adoptive father, mentioned on Jane’s show (when interviewed on the telephone), that Charity frequently texted men on her Ipad, which we hear was her main link to the wily world outside.

An extension of my initial theory, that’s more based on a hunch, is that Charity Pulley was anxious to grow up. She may have felt a little isolated there in Grand Saline, and conceivably wanted to get away. Moreover, it sounds like she was a risk taker, since she had signed up on more than one dating site. But did she come across the wrong person? It’s been 18 days now since she disappeared, and that’s quite a long time. I’ll state the obvious, hoping you won’t think of it as superficial buffoonery, romance on the internet is not always all it’s cracked up to be!