Can We Tie-In Heather Hodges’ Disappearance with Other Missing Blondes?

“This is the strangest life I’ve ever known. Can you feel it now that Spring has come? That it’s time to live in the scattered sun. Waiting for the sun, waiting for the sun.” – The Doors, Morrison Hotel

Those poignant lines from Jim Morrison come to mind when studying the disconcerting case of Heather Hodges, 22, who has been missing since the 9th of April. Heather lives in Rocky Mount, Virginia and she apparently disappeared sometime after 10:30 PM that Monday evening, when her boyfriend (39-year-old Paul Jordan) ran an errand to a Dairy Queen to get her a Blizzard, to satisfy a sugar craving she was having. A craving late at night for something sweet (I get it all the time) is not all that unusual, but Heather suddenly vanishing is odd.

heather hodges

I didn’t hear about Heather Hodges’ case until late on Friday, which is a little odd itself, but I’ve pretty much made up for it and digested everything available on the internet about Heather’s mysterious disappearance, since I was so late to hear about it. I can’t quite understand why her case has been so low profile in the news, whereas missing soldier, Kelli Bordeaux, has been all over the news. Yet some have been quick to point out some startling similarities in these two cases.

Both Kelli and Heather are petite young blondes; the similarity of physical appearance is the most remarkable shared characteristic. Well, we must always be cautious about drawing two cases together, but if we’re seeing too many coincidental commonalties, then it would be unwise and irresponsible to not look closer at what we have. To take it even further, some are even tying Kelli and Heather to earlier cases, such as Holly Bobo or Katelyn Markham. If we suspect a serial killer is at work, then this is where logic takes us, from what binds these seemingly disparate cases together.

Don’t misread me for bringing a profound and masterful Door’s song into the story! Because when Jim chants the line ‘waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting,’ that’s exactly how I feel when thinking on these various cases. We never hear anything new about Holly Bobo or Katelyn Markham, or even Karen Swift for that matter. And these two new cases easily recall these earlier missing girls from only a year ago or even less. No, investigating a tie-in is a very responsible approach, since taking only a local approach lands authorities with a sum total of zero results!

Don’t get me wrong (again), the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has to take a close look at the boyfriend, Paul Jordan. His story about the Dairy Queen and the Blizzard sounds a little fishy, I realize; but for me, it’s so off the cuffs, I tend to believe it. And too, the underreported situation of an April 5th incident, where Paula Hodges (Heather’s mother) and Paul Jordan got into altercation that turned violent, is suspiciously close to the day Heather goes missing. Then again, the date for Kelli Bordeaux‘s disappearance, was only four days after Heather’s.

We hear also about the trouble that Heather Hodges got into back in 2008. Hodges did a considerable amount of jail time, but once again, this is probably unrelated to her sudden vanishing act. I say probably, ‘cuz we don’t know for sure. Sure are a lotta coincidences, though? I need to work this theory harder; you know, the one that says these cases are linked together.

I’m seeing the connection clearer the more I read on it, and the more I think about what I’ve read, the more sense it’s making. This sicko, whoever he is, is stalking young ladies, many of which are blondes. If this theory is implausible, then what are the weaknesses in it? In all of these cases, a local solution simply does not exist! Only when you put this theory forth of a Henry Lee Lucas-like drifter committing these heinous acts, does a tidbit of focus appear in the lens of a handful of puzzling investigations. I hope I’m wrong…

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