‘Best Friend’ Amy Huizenga and Notorious 911 Call of a Cindy Anthony!

WFTV.com 9, or Orlando News 9 in Florida is a primary source of news in the Casey Anthony trial. I’m turning off the talk shows for now and focusing in on the raw video of the trial. I don’t need any interference, analysis or commentary for now. The actual trial has more information than I can possibly process (in a lifetime), so I absolutely must sideline all the white noise.

Tuesday’s raw video comes in 12 parts, around 30 minutes each, and WFTV names it Day 17. They must be including the jury selection days. I see it as Day 6 of the real trial. Cindy Anthony’s testimony yesterday riveted me out right of my computer chair!

I’m re-watching Part 3 right now. This is Cindy’s narrative of observing the startling contents of the foul-smelling Pontiac Sunfire, after she and George brought it back home from the tow yard. Cindy had placed a dryer sheet on the back seat of the Sunfire.

pontiac sunfire

You can see the dryer sheet in a prosecution photo, and in an earlier deposition Cindy had recalled putting said sheet in said car. Moreover, Cindy had been transitioning her medications, and as such, was a little wobbly in memory at the time.

The significance of this, is the ‘crime scene’ (the 1998 Pontiac Sunfire) had been altered by Cindy, when she attempted unsuccessfully to eradicate the foul odor that had permeated the vehicle.

Other items that were in the car, when still in its pristine state, were some boots of Casey, Casey’s purse, Caylee’s backpack and most note-worthy of all, Caylee’s favorite doll. Cindy found a resume of Amy Huizenga in Casey’s purse, and this is why Cindy called Amy to get to Casey, and met her at a Florida shopping mall.

Amy takes Cindy over to where Casey was staying, at her new-found boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro (Parts 3 and 4 of Day 17). This dramatic confrontation at Tony’s apartment was recalled last week when Lazarro took the stand. This is the emotional denouement of the whole case. Cindy busts Casey on July 15th, 2008.

It had been 31 days since Caylee had been missing. This narrative continues in the Anthony household, when the brother Lee comes over to see what all the trouble was about. The mesmerizing 911 calls are played in part 5.

Cindy collapses in shock and grief on the witness stand. Cindy calls the cops on her daughter for auto theft and stealing money, and just as an afterthought, “oh, by the way, my granddaughter has been missing 31 days too!”

cindy anthony breaking down

Cindy’s moments get top bill yesterday, but I found myself paying even more attention to Amy Huizenga’s telling words. Amy was Casey’s best friend during these rough and tumble days in the summer of 2008. I sure hope this doesn’t cast a pall of infamy on poor Ms. Huizenga, but I fear it will do exactly that.

Amy’s testimony is contained in parts 10, 11 and 12. I wouldn’t miss any of it, if I were you. Amy was going to live with Casey. Plans were being made to find a house. Casey even said they could get possession of the Anthony house, since the two were going to divorce. Lots of trouble in the Anthony household. Amy tells of the tension between Cindy and Casey, over taking care of Caysee.

Why did Casey abandon the Sunfire with all this important stuff (clues, evidence) left inside? Why didn’t she attempt to get rid of the smell herself? Why did Amy believe Casey with her story of Caylee being with Zanny the Nanny?

amy huizenga

Why did it take so long to dawn on Cindy something was very wrong? This concern figures in her break down Tuesday. A thimble full of questions, and that’s just one day!

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