Aphrodite Jones Reveals New Evidence In the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey!

The JonBenet Ramsey case is fascinating on many levels. The crime itself, the way it was investigated by the Boulder Police, and the sensationalized coverage by the media, all contribute to its notoriety. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, which was broadcast last night on Investigation Discovery, did a good job at reanimating the dynamics of the JonBenet mystery.

Last night I did a Google search of JonBenet, in order to get up to speed on the case. I set the record function on my DVR to the 10:00 PM setting on ID, knowing full and well I had an appointment with the Sandman on this breezy spring evening. I’m reviewing the taping this morning and putting things back in there proper place.

Let’s see, there’s that odd looking Hansel and Gretel cottage of the Ramsey’s, tabloids of the radiant beauty pageant child, footage of the anguished couple, and then there’s Jon Mark Carr, a diversionary dead-end that entertaining nonetheless. Just the images alone captivate your attention. Yet, so many details were lost.

jbr patsy
jbr patsy

Aphrodite Jones exposes many of these new angles, that were obviously overlooked by the Boulder Police, who remained focused on the parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. But the theory that two intruders came in and killed JonBenet is now growing in confidence amongst investigators. I will mention just four of the clues that were news to me.

The first one that caught my eye, is a suitcase was left beneath a window to the basement, that was likely used by the intruder/killers. Why wasn’t this mentioned before? The intruders left it there so they could use it as a makeshift stepladder to make a getaway after doing what they did. Lou Smit, a homicide investigator, points out this massive omission.

JBR suitcase
JBR suitcase

The next new clue, and possibly breakthrough evidence, is that two footprints were left in the basement. This proves that two outsiders were in the Ramsey’s home on December 26th, 1996. One footprint can be traced to a particular boot, made by a company called High Tech. This ties in handily with what I’ll say in just a minute.

An open house Christmas party a few days before the crime is touched on next. This was an opportunity for the criminals to case the Ramsey home. I believe this is exactly what happened. The Ramseys must have known the intruders, albeit if only a distant acquaintance.

One witness who was at one of JonBenet’s beauty pageants, shortly before she was murdered, said a man went up and talked with JBR, posing as her father. Could this man have something to do with it? This was new information for me. Why wasn’t this suspicious incident reported in the news?

The last clue I want to mention, revealed in this groundbreaking special, was the questionable suicide of 26 year old Michael Helgot, the day after Alex Hunter’s stunning press conference, when he said the search for the killer is narrowing to one. You’ll want to rewind the tape to the blonde-haired suspect scene several times over. A stun-gun was found. High Tech boots were found.

jbr michael helgot
jbr michael helgot

In the introduction, Aphrodite Jones says that other than Jack The Ripper, JonBenet is the ONE in terms of importance to both the public and to law enforcement specialists. As for myself, I take an interest in the historiography of JonBenet.

I want to look back at how the crime was reported in news stories and in books. This is equally fascinating as the confusing barrage of evidence that makes little sense. Aphrodite Jones opens up Pandora’s Box again, but what we see is entirely different.

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