Pakistani Journalist Calls Tiffany Trump a Little Child and Daughter of Melania

A Pakistani TV anchor went overboard in his attempt to create anti-Trump propaganda and claimed that Melania Trump has decided to leave President Trump. Not only that, he actually called Tiffany the biological daughter of First Lady Melania.

Syed Ali Haider, who is described on Twitter profile as “Journalist & Anchor at SAMAA Tv” posted a video to YouTube on November 9th and claimed that Melania and Donald Trump did marry each other by their choice; however Melania would have left him years ago if Trump hadn’t become the President.

Lies About Melania

Mr. Haider did not bother to cite any source for this claim. But then he went on to drop another bomb-that Tiffany is Melania’s daughter. Let’s take a look at this very “revealing” video in some detail.

Ali Haider says that Trump has two children with Melania, one is Barron Trump and the other Tiffany Trump. He goes on say that he is not talking about Ivanka “who is grown up but these two little children” because Trump married Melania quite late in his life, and that is in 2006.

Ignorant Pakistani Journalist

He continues speaking to the camera totally ignorant of the fact that Tiffany is Trump’s daughter from his second marriage, i.e. with the actress Marale Maples, who is Tiffany’s mother. In his made-up story, Haider forgets the fact that Tiffany is not a little child but a 27-year-old grown-up woman who is in a romantic relationship with businessman Michael Boulos. Of course, no source backing these big claims is cited in his video.

The blizzard of misinformation doesn’t stop here and Ali Haider goes on to say that Melania’s original nationality is Bolivian. Someone with high school level of general knowledge today knows the difference between Bolivia, the South American country, and Slovenia, the Southeast European country, which is Melania’s birthplace.

The next false claim he makes is that Melania married Trump in 2006 and got permanent residency of the U.S. Fact: Melania and Donald Trump married in January 2005. She already had become a permanent resident in 2001 under the priority workers (EB-1) program of US immigration. She became a citizen in 2006, not a permanent resident. Obviously the “journalist” in the video doesn’t know the difference between the two.

The train of misinformation rages on and the “journalist” reveals that Trump had to marry Melania because he was running for the President and needed to launch his campaign as a family man and despite bad relations between the two, he kept his marriage for this purpose-an out-of-nowhere claim without a source.

Wrong About Bill Clinton Too

Then he drops another bomb: Bill Clinton was going to be impeached and punished for his adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky. Those who know the real story, of course, remember that charges for Clinton’s impeachment were specific to perjury (lying under oath) and obstruction of justice.

He was not being impeached for adultery but he denied in his testimony having sex with Lewinsky. His crime was lying under oath to the people of America not having an extra-marital affair (which is tolerated in US law and Democrats are frequently caught in such scandals).

The “journalist” then finally reveals his source of the information on Trump’s allegedly political marriage to Melania, and guess who turns out to be source: the former White House worker Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was fired from her job because of her behavior and who wrote a book full of lies to make money off it, knowing that anti-Trump propaganda media would promote her.

Fake News

The “journalist” in the video goes on to show a few images the anti-Trump media tried a long time ago to create the fake news that Trump and Melania are not happy together. He claims that Trump and Melania are never seen happy together, which is another lie.

However, the sensational story continues in the video and the “journalist” claims that after Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, the establishment in the country is now making Melania divorce Trump so that via her, the establishment can keep Trump from challenging the election results and leading public protests against the election outcome.

Here the dude throws another big lie at the audience. He is totally ignorant that Joe Biden is not officially the winner of the election and accordingly he is ignorant that the election still continues within at least 5 states still counting votes while lawsuits have been filed to investigate the election fraud in multiple states.

Just because the anti-Trump media declared Biden the winner doesn’t make him the winner. The final results are not in and until 100 percent results are in from all states, the President-elect is not officially announced. That is why the GSA today said no to the request of Biden’s team for initiating the power transfer process.

Anti-Trump Establishment

The truth that this “journalist” reveals – well, more precisely, admits – is that the establishment is anti-Trump and wants him silenced against the election fraud. Surprising, how this guy got this right – likely a slip of the tongue – after all, that poor organ sometimes decides to show some independence, even while staying in a career propagandists’ mouth.

But how could this passionate “journalist” leave without dropping a final bomb? No way! So wait for it. He goes on to say that an anonymous source told Daily Mail (the British daily) that “Ivanka had been counting each and every minute” for Trump to lose in the election so she could leave him. Ivanka? Now he makes Ivanka the First Lady.

This is a hilarious video that goes to show how baseless gossip is turned into a news/commentary video by someone who was not meant to do the work he is put to do, and how desperate the so-called journalists working at TV stations in Pakistan get to make money on the side by creating clickbait stuff.

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