Will The Trump Era Be Forever Known as the Era of USA The Nation Divided

After the federal courts upheld the decision to suspend President Donald Trump’s executive order for a travel ban, I decided to visit the Fox News page. After reading some of the comments, I realized there is legitimate reason to be fearful, and it is not from the threat of terrorist attacks.

The USA has transitioned from USA, a respected world power to USA The Nation Divided.

People complained that former president Obama increased the racial divide in this country. From what I see, President Trump has brought about a rift so deep, I don’t see any way that it can be repaired within the lifetime of the next few generations.

Through propaganda, and Hitleresque fear tactics, this administration seems to have caused a possibly insurmountable rift along racial, religious, economic, and political lines.

Even if the travel ban is permanently repealed, even if President Trump is impeached,the effects will be long withstanding. Even if the 2018 election results in the GOP losing the majority, and even if the GOP miraculously decided to begin making its decisions based upon the best interests of the country, as opposed to partisan dedication, the damage has been done.

President Trump’s supporters are like vampires whose bloodlust has increased after being given their first taste of blood. To them, President Trump has legitimized their fears, no matter how irrational. There is nothing anyone can do to reverse that.

protesters carry the flag.If the conservative right thought Former President Obama brought about division, they are really about to see what true division is.

Despite the ever-increasing rift, I still have hope for this nation. I am encouraged by the number of people banding together, people of different races, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. I am encouraged to see men and women from all walks of life joining together to bring about change and support their fellow human beings.

It is a reminder of why, despite so much anger, fear, and hostility, this is still a great country. It is also a reminder that we must continue to stand together to ensure we aren’t forever USA The Nation Divided.