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Sharon Remo is a single mother of two who enjoys sharing her introspective views on a variety of social issues, as well as her insights on topics ranging from entertainment to relationship issues. Diagnosed with Narcolepsy/Cataplexy in 2013, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. Sharon is also very active in promoting Narcolepsy Awareness.
black panther cast marvel comics

We Know Wakanda Isn’t Real

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the release of the new Marvel movie Black Panther and the fictional world of Wakanda. For...
usa a nation divided?

Will The Trump Era Be Forever Known as the Era of...

After the federal courts upheld the decision to suspend President Donald Trump's executive order for a travel ban, I decided to visit the Fox...

With Immigration Tensions at an All Time High, Does Majority of...

The United States, for the most part, is a wonderful country. It is a place where many come to escape the horrors of a...
e w jackson

A Wake Up Call to Our Religious Leaders

Sharon Remo asks how can you fix what you don't realize is broken, after an on-air discussion between Roland Martin and Pastor E.W. Jackson.
Self Love

What Would They Say? Black Success Or Failure?

Sharon Remo asks if we could travel back in time, what kind of lives would black people tell their ancestors they have, and what legacy are they building?
moshe turner advocate

Who is Moshe Turner?

Fighting back in a case of mistaken identity in a society of selfies, memes, posts, and internet self promotion, but there is a downside.
sad woman

True Sisterhood Entails Helping Other Women Become Successful

Today I saw a comment regarding Michelle Obama. There needs to be reflection on what is missing in a person's life that makes them want to tear others down.

Don’t, Just Don’t, It Doesn’t Help – At All

Sharon Remo tells what happens when you have Hypersomnia or Narcolepsy and family and friends try to help by making suggestions that don't work.

Narcolepsy: The Comedy Fad of Entertainment

Narcolepsy is a rare, incurable neurological condition, in which the hypothalamus portion of the brain is damaged due to the permanent loss of orexins.

Disrespecting Life, Love and Liberty for All

Journalist Helena Andrews may have been looking at her phone during the National Anthem, but before criticizing, should we look the way we treat others?