Who is Moshe Turner?

William Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name.”

Although this highly memorable quote had nothing to do with mis-identification or mistaken id, I think the application of the quote to the aforementioned subjects is quite appropriate. We live in an age of Google and Bing, an era where internet searches have become almost as commonplace as face to face communication. The ability to find information with a few strokes of your fingers is no longer an amazing thing. It has practically become necessity for many.

As wonderful as these technological advances are, like anything else, they do have their downfalls.

moshe turner advocate
Moshe Turner the Narcolepsy Avocate

How many of us have Googled our names out of curiosity to see what comes up? If you haven’t, maybe you should. You might be very surprised at who might share the same name as you or what might come up. This was such the case for Moshe Turner.

Who is Moshe Turner?

Is he famous for anything? No, he isn’t. Moshe Turner is just a regular individual like you and me trying to do good things to help people with Narcolepsy who are in imminent danger of facing homelessness. Unfortunately, his efforts are being hampered because of heinous acts performed by someone who, not only shares the same name as him, but also has a similar appearance.

Moshe Turner Is The Good Guy

Moshe Turner is the founder of NICER.ngo, Narcoleptics In Crisis Emergency Relief. Recently, Mr.Turner began finding that his efforts were being hampered because his name had become associated with some very disturbing acts perpetrated by another individual by the name of Moishe Turner. In doing an internet search for Moshe Turner, it was discovered that results for convicted child molester Moishe Turner immediately populate. How do you combat something like that?

Moishe Turner Is The Bad Guy

Moishe Turner, convicted child molester
Moishe Turner, the convicted child molester

One way Mr. Turner has begun fighting back is by posting this blog, https://sites.google.com/site/iamnotthatmosheturner/. Unfortunately, it has done little to assist in bumping up his name in the search results.

We live in a society of selfies, memes, posts, and self promotion through the internet. The internet can make a person famous, even if only for fifteen minutes, or it can break a person. It is a real travesty, however, when, the internet causes us to have to reap the repercussions of someone’s actions merely because we a share the same or a similar name. So again, I ask, what is in a name. A name can hold the key to a person’s reputation and livelihood. It seems as though, we now have to go to internet battle just to keep those things intact.

Sharon Remo is a single mother of two who enjoys sharing her introspective views on a variety of social issues, as well as her insights on topics ranging from entertainment to relationship issues. Diagnosed with Narcolepsy/Cataplexy in 2013, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. Sharon is also very active in promoting Narcolepsy Awareness.