Don’t, Just Don’t, It Doesn’t Help – At All

Don’t assume I haven’t seen countless doctors a score of MDs.

Don’t presume I haven’t tried more stimulants than you can name or most wake performing agents that have no more effect than putting a bigger fog on my brain.

Don’t assume I just need to exercise more that if I do it will keep me awake Because believe me and understand I am the one who has worked out many times until my body has completely crashed and I haven’t been able to recuperate for four to five days.

Don’t give me advice presuming I haven’t tried sticky notes to help me remember important things because you won’t remember to focus on sticky notes if your mind is stuck between not knowing the difference between whether you are in reality or the middle of a dream.

Don’t think that Hypersomnia is the same as being “Really” tired because you tossed and turned all night. To put it in perspective, some withhold sleep first days as a form of torture and no matter how many hours I sleep, my brain is functioning as if it has been up for at least 48-72 hours of endless daylight.

Don’t think you are giving me some miraculous unsolicited cure that can help me when you probably don’t even understand that tired and uncontrollably sleepy aren’t the same.

Don’t believe that just because it worked for your neighbor’s uncle’s mailman it should work for me because Hypersomnia affects each and everyone of us differently It is not a one size fits all disease just because you have a one cure must fit all brain.


Do first think twice before giving unsolicited advice.

On cures or remedies so simple that I wouldn’t have thought of and tried them for myself as if Narcolepsy is just an inconvenient pimple on my Psyche. It doesn’t have a simple fix and has nothing to do with being lazy.

It is a neurological disease, an important part of the brain damaged, not something sleep or exercise can reverse about me.

Do also know that it makes me who and what I am – a fighter doing the most awesome job I can. One who appreciates every accomplishment I make and relishes every blessing I am bestowed with, every day.

Sharon Remo is a single mother of two who enjoys sharing her introspective views on a variety of social issues, as well as her insights on topics ranging from entertainment to relationship issues. Diagnosed with Narcolepsy/Cataplexy in 2013, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. Sharon is also very active in promoting Narcolepsy Awareness.