Will Says…It’s Time to Stop Political Gimmicks and Let Female Politicians In!

Now, I refuse to start my column today with obvious puns that are circulating through the news for the past few days about the ex-Governor of California. Besides there are two things that never need help when it comes to humor: politics and Hollywood.

Now, combine both and you have a formula that could cure the common cold.

Most humorists today, oh sorry, comedians as they like to be called; well they try too hard. Four letter words, someone getting hurt, or some sort of bodily fluid, and you have modern comedy.

But as a matter of fact, if you try too hard, that’s where it looks forced or painful. Watch a news anchor try to be funny about the news they are reporting… That’s the most painful.

See, I like to just sort of report about those two groups I mentioned above. You don’t even need talent for this type of humor. Just tell folks the truth and let the humor fly.


Ok, so here are two headlines I saw in the paper the other day…

Republicans say: family values are what matters!

God, family and country are what we need to get back to.

Former CA. Gov. Schwarzenegger admitted having an affair and fathering a son with his house maid.

Looks like Republicans still hold firm on their belief that a marriage is defined by a man and woman and another woman and a baby.

Now this act of love outside of marriage is not only shared by Republicans.

Just today, I see where Democrat John Edwards is facing charges of spending campaign funds on his mistress.

But, Democrats have always been known as the looser party, gay issues, pot smoking, enviromental … All those human rights wild ideas. On the other hand, Republicans have : guns, family, church…all the fun stuff. All of which seem to be on the top of the list as our country’s biggest issues.

Politicians, especially Republicans, push the family value card. The President says, “focus on the family.” With old boys like John Edwards, Newt Gingerich and Schwarzenegger it’s more like an open door policy; open bedroom door.

Maybe the best idea to curb or maybe even stop this type of political philandering is to swap out all the male politicians with female politicians. Seems you don’t hear about women in politics having the same problems. However, with every cheating man you have a cheating woman… In most cases.

Your friend,

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