What Price Must We Pay to Remain a Free People?

When a society begins to believe that the government is like a God who is all powerful and will take care of you is when we as a nation have crossed the border of sanity into the domain of insanity or just stupidity.

The pages of time are full of the history of humans who have allowed their foolish desires to search for a utopian formula for life. Life is a gift, and everyone should understand there is no majestic formula for a government to put food on the table and make life easy.

We face a crisis in this nation that few see or understand. It is based on this logic. There can be no free giveaways in any society. When a people indulge themselves into believing in a philosophy that there is a way to achieve something for nothing; those people are giving away the right of freedoms and liberty.

Lotteries Are A False Answer

We see hundreds, thousand, even millions of dollars used to entice people to believe in the foolish quest of becoming a millionaire in seconds. Most of these lotteries are also feeding our governments with millions of dollars and changed the government’s philosophy, to assist in the fraud.

Those who gamble are addicted to getting something for nothing. The Lottos are teaching people that you can have a quick luxury with just one chance and the more chances you buy, the greater chance you have of free money.

This nation was built on industrious people who had a desire to work and earn.

Government Is A Reflection Of The People

Common sense has gone amuck. We struggle with the basics of life and expect, honesty, integrity, morality from our government and those who serve it and represent it but the government is only a reflection of us the people of America.

Freedom can only be maintained by those who are willing to work and struggle with the vicissitudes of life in a nation of freedom and liberty. The price of freedom is paid with the blood of those who fought or will fight to keep freedom and liberty alive.

Government Power Over Families

A government that will allow an abortion by young women, school age students, without permission from their parents, but then demand that parents give their written permission to the schools for their children to bring aspirin or any medications on the school grounds or into class rooms is ludicrous.

Many schools have forbidden salt to be used in cooking food for the lunch rooms and if a student brings salt without written permission, they face disciplinary action.

Run amuck is when this nation allows illegal aliens to walk across the borders and receive full access to education, welfare, and health care and then they are given amnesty as a reward for breaking the law. What price did the Irish, Chinese, Germans, Japanese and other humans pay for coming to America?

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government takes care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.” – Henry Ford

Giving Government Control Over Our Freedom And Liberty

The people of this nation cannot afford to fritter away our freedom and liberty and ignore what is happening to our nation. We excuse our elected representatives to act or vote against principles of liberty because we excuse ourselves as we stand with our hands out hoping for something for nothing.

Our wealthy society is being replaced with aliens who cherish what we once had, frugality, hard work, and integrity. We have become too complacent and unwilling to adapt to hard times. We are too proud to demean our status with frivolous work only the plebeians of society would do.

So when we are unemployed, we draw unemployment checks which are better than minimum wage, and we are content doing nothing. We go back to school with government money and become educated.

Buying Votes With Money Taken From Others

This prepares us for the greater jobs, we think, but all the while, we stand with our hands out, reaching whatever we can get, that is or may seem to be free.

A candidate for President came into our cities and gave away prepaid cell phones, and prepaid credit cards to buy votes.

He promised students help with their debts and tuition, and like suckers, they bought into the something for nothing scheme and failed to see the future we will eventually face one day. He was elected for being a good giver.

I’m older than most and know the price of freedoms and liberties. One important fact remains that many younger people just don’t get.

The price for Freedom and Liberty must be paid for, and a just God will not abandon those who have died for the freedom and liberty of others, and He will not allow their sacrifice to be ignored as worthless and in vain.

Even this generation will pay a price for their reckless abandonment of the laws required to remain a free people. What is just and fair will be our reward.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.