Thousands March in Support of WWII Vets and Their Memorial Access

It was quite a patriotic scene that must have brought tears to the many WWII vets in their late 80’s or early 90’s.

An indignant crowd descended on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall Sunday. They heaved the barriers blocking the shrine aside while others carried them to the White House fences.

See the NewsBlaze story by Washington Correspondent, Randy Foremen: Million Vet March on the Memorials Draws Crowds And Politicians

Leading the protest were Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, former governor Sarah Palin, Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, and Rep. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan.

lincoln memorial barricades down
Barricades lie in a heap after they were moved by people extressing first amendment rights

Some in the crowd carried makeshift signs, saying such things as “We are pawns now,” and “Rabid government bites the hand that feeds them.”

The crowd’s chant consisted of, “President Barack Obama is using veterans as pawns in the shutdown.” They also shouted, “Tear down these walls,” the famous line Ronald Reagan used on the Berlin Wall and they also sang “God bless America.”

The march came days after the president had approved a demonstration on the national mall for illegal aliens.

Most people there blamed the impasse on President Obama, because he refused to negotiate in any way, instead of leading, he is just being a tyrant. Surprisingly, Congressional republicans and democrats got an equal tongue-lashing, because most of them seem to have forgotten that they serve the people, not the other way around.

The memorial is “ground zero” for symbolism in this fight between Republicans and Democrats. Previous demonstrations focused on allowing access to World War II veterans visiting from across the country with the Honor Flight Network.

Sunday’s rally was far more bitter and political than when the WWII veterans wanted to access their memorial after flying into Washington DC. On Sunday, truckers converged en mass with the crowd that called themselves, “The Million Vet March at the World War II Memorial,” a grassroots effort started by military brats across the country.

ted cruz ww2 memorial
Sarah Palin speaks to the crowd at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

One protester, Jeff Thompkins of New York, told WRC-TV, “Our constitutional rights are being taken away. People made the ultimate sacrifice, and they should be open to the public, open to everyone to come down here and see this. This is ridiculous. This is not just not fair. It’s just not fair.”

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