The United States State of the Union is Dire, March 2021

God, please save this country from itself. The State of the Union is not good. Who will change that situation?

Although it is a sad notion, it is rather good that the existence of a ‘Deep State’ has been widely exposed. The ‘Deep State’ can also be called a partner to ‘One World Order,’ ‘Globalism & Globalists,’ ‘The Great Reset,’ and a few other names.

For Americans who entrusted their representation to a person they elected and sent to Washington D.C. it is very difficult to believe that such evil is so omnipresent within our government, but it is.

It appears that the COVID pandemic was an opportunity [manufactured?] for the Deep State to further advance their agenda.

The situation is dire, but the Republican minority opposition in Congress are sitting on their hands. They simply do not wish to act as the opposition they should be.

Crazy things are happening. Now Columbia University is going to hold SIX shameful separate graduations ceremonies for different skin color and gender confused graduates while identifying and shaming those of “White Privilege.”

State of the Union is dire - capitol fence. Image by NewsBlaze.
Dire situation – capitol fence. Image by NewsBlaze.

Looting, raping, killing and burning cities – what is a daily scene in many American cities – have become “cultural” not a crime.

This is not about Democrats or Republicans, it is the loss of critical thinking and civilization’s ethics that has caused the poor state of the union. This is about the Constitutional Republic United States being ripped apart in front of all of us. It is about dismissing and erasing the memory of our Founding Fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Lincoln. After all they were all “White Privilege” folks.

God, please save this country from itself.

The Saddest Words That Could Have Been Written!

“A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

Is everyone in Washington D.C. crooked and on the take? Not just Congress but the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, the Pentagon, the Army Generals, literally everyone in Washington D.C. including those in past administrations?

We have recently seen the actions of Silicon Valley tech, a biased mainstream media, censorship on social media, cable news and unfettered foreign intervention in America. These groups united to become one umbrella Deep State.

President Trump didn’t have a chance to be reelected. Four years ago he walked into this mess, some he was familiar with and wanted to fix. He fought to drain the deep swamp mess, but it was far deeper than he thought. And the swamp creature-monsters started to bite him on day-one of his presidency. Now, two months into the Biden administration, most of the good that President Trump implemented for America is being wiped out, no matter whether it was good for the country and its people, or not.

As it appears to be for now, Donald Trump is “a man without a country,” a marked man, but hopefully not for much longer. As General Mattis said, “‘a man without a country’ in blistering critique echoing the Civil War”

The changes that are coming to America, implemented by Joseph Biden and his cronies will have dire consequences. They will affect us, We, the People, our children and grandchildren, possibly even our great-grandchildren.

What Lies Ahead Is Disastrous

We now know The Deep State is the reason there was never any action against the Clintons or Barack Obama. Hilary Clinton destroyed emails and evidence and phones and servers and it was all buried; they unlawfully spied and wiretapped people and the media; they lied to the FISA Court and no wrongdoing appears in the FISA warrants; they held conversations on the tarmac, and after key meetings they sent emails to cover their actions. James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper were never brought to justice, any justice.

The FBI and CIA lied. The Steele Dossier was passed along. Phones were factory reset or smashed with a hammer. Leak after leak was handed to an accomplice media. And all of that went unchecked. And in the background, in the shadows, the spectre of George Soros appears to have a hand in the subversion of America.

We now know why the Democrats endlessly screamed ‘Russia collusion’ and pushed a sham impeachment. It was to throw shade on their opponent, to keep prying eyes busy and push attention away from themselves. People who believe in the rule of law and the same law being applied equally to all wonder why no one was ever charged or with the threat of going to jail.

Why was there no accountability for those in the swamp? Why did wrongdoing by the swamp just disappear as if never happened?

John Durham’s report was delayed until after the election. Hunter Biden’s laptop was seized well before the 2020 election, but the FBI sat on it and its damning evidence. It seems the FBI is still sitting on it today, and Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden and all those involved in crimes against the Constitution will not be held to account.

Is this the reason Joseph Biden’s connection to China is overlooked while China unleashed the perfect weapon, a virus? A virus that was politically weaponized and ushered in the unverifiable mail-in-voting tactics. All of the above was of great help to bring down President Donald Trump and with him the greatest economy he delivered.

The mainstream media delivered lies and propaganda 24/7. In many cases they said up is down and down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right.

All that while social media was and still is silencing every American’s First Amendment inalienable rights. Big Tech canceled the President of the United States on their platforms, depriving him of the ability to deliver the truth directly to all Americans.

This has been the Deep State’s plan for many years and all along. They didn’t expect Citizen Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidential election. He messed up their plan of many years.

Delayed It a Little?

But the ‘Deep-Staters’ weren’t about to let it happen again, Donald Trump would not be reelected. The widespread COVID-19 illness was weaponized; the mainstream media and social media helped the sham. Democrat Governors shut down their states and locked down their citizens. That helped the power grab process not giving one moment’s thought that they were simply destroying much of their state’s economy. The unverifiable mail-in-ballots trick made sure that Joseph Biden, a career politician, allegedly in the pocket of China, who couldn’t finish a sentence or collect a supportive crowd in an odd election rally, miraculously became the most popular vote recipient of all time, even beating Barack Obama.

About half the population believes we just witnessed a coup. If that is true, it is the overthrow of the free election system of the United States. It is the end of the constitutional republic that was created by and for We, the People. Is it also the decline of capitalism, a slide toward Marxism or worse?

With Trepidation Comes the Question, What Will Happen Next?

The Southern border is now wide-open and thousands of illegal aliens – some very dangerous – are breaking into the United States to be roving all over the land.

Biden has given media ‘zero access’ to the border operations, a terrible gag for a dreadful border policy. That is what dictators do; they gag whatever they want to hide from their citizens to keep them uninformed.

Biden’s Tyranny Is Overflowing

Agencies such as U.S. ‘Customs and Border Protection’ (CBP), ‘Immigration and Naturalization Service’ (INS) and Homeland Security have their hands tied behind their backs. The Biden administration’s sloppy policies prevent them from doing their job right.

The Democrat-sponsored ‘Defund the police’ madness has reduced Law Enforcement rank and file and crime is on the rise exponentially. Obviously lacl of law and order have a direct effect on the State of the Union.

The Left-Democrat House is targeting the ‘Electoral College’ election system. The history of the United States is being erased, and many books are being canceled.

The Supreme Court refused to hear arguments that aimed to show unconstitutional government actions and foreign interference affected the 2020 election.

Seeing an apparently disinterested Supreme Court, Biden and the Democrat House are preparing multiple attacks on the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment that protects the right of citizens to keep and bear arms is at risk. To solidify their own power, Democrats are planning to wipe out the filibuster and to pack the court.

On the economic/environment front, anyone whose job is with the oil industry is at risk of unemployment. Business and the middle class are to be targeted for higher taxes, the largest hike in decades, and cities’ suburbs are slated to be turned into Section 8 housing tracts.

These are just a few of the retrograde changes foreshadowed by Biden and the Democrats.

Where Does It All End? Is There a Path to Recovery?

An important question in many minds is whether all of America could fall to the New York, Illinois, and California, one-party model?

Is America still a Constitutional Republic? Many people see it slipping away fast.

It is clear that the direction of movement is increasingly towards the Russian, Cuban, even Chinese governance model.

Our Republic is in great peril because the Left wants it dead. The political mob rule and appeasement of the enemy is running rampant. Many candidates running for office turn out to be unfit for the job they seek.

The current situation was foreseen 234 years ago. Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

State of the Union Depends On The People

The American people, appear to be on the path to lose the Republic and much of their rights. America turned from God, from family, from country, the flag and anthem.

Too many people embrace a culture of degeneracy. Too many celebrate and look up to fools. Too many selfishly adulated themselves and took for granted what so many men fought and died for. Politicians generally have little positive effect on the State of the union.

The younger generations never really learned and then fast disregarded the history of the United States and all its lessons. On our watch America just died somewhat and it continues to die incrementally.

I am certain the ‘Greatest Generation’ – the World War II generation – would not recognize their homeland of today and in all likelihood this exceptional Republic will never be the same again.

Many younger Americans have no idea what they have done. Sadly, many do know.

The tale is by far not over, but as we see it now, all does not look good for the Republic.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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