The Men of America

The Farmer, the Store Keeper, the Cowboy, the Fisherman and the Hunter are this nations bases of our male society. Almost every type of profession could fall under one of these character types. I’m sure a certain type of personality also drives each type of man. When I was a boy I was introduced by grandfather to his theory of the five types of men. His description of their natures and personalities has stayed with me for many years.

The Farmers are caring people and rely on faith to exist. They are patient men and coexist with nature. Hard work and long hours don’t always produce good crops but they seem to suffer the hard work with faith that it will pay off. Early to rise and late to bed seems to be their motto. The harvest is their reward for diligence, perseverance, and faith in God’s Mother Nature. But without this type of man where would our society be today?

The Store Keepers of America helped settle this nation. Industrious, intelligent and hard working people brought goods and service to the public. They made it easier for people to live by supplying the basic community and family needs. They were also caring people and often sold products on good will or future payments, today’s credit. They too had great faith but mostly in the people they served.

The Cowboy is America’s favorite character. Thousands of movies have glamorized the cowboy and made him a hero. John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and many others gave the image of the cowboy the glamour and glitz that still shines in our memories. These men were hard tough men that became that way fighting, Mother Nature, Indians, and cows. Not in that order. The West was won by these tough men who brought civilization into a much untamed western country.

The Fisherman early in our history, were mostly east coast fishermen but in later years they also worked the southern waters and the west coast. What a life they lived. Tough, dangerous and adventuress men sailed the seas around the world. From Cape Cod, and the cold northern waters, along the east coast down to Florida around into the Gulf of Mexico then the West coast from Baja to California to Alaska they sailed fished and survived the water of the western world.

The Hunter is and always has been a special person. They are loners and solitary people who love the out doors and natures beauty. The thrill of the hunt, man against beast, and even the thrill of the kill burns and motivates there nature. They see life as a challenge and the hunt as an opportunity to survive. Good hunters never kill more than they can use but will and did hire out to help others to enjoy their skill as guides. They also sold their prey for some comforts and even slept indoors when money was plentiful. Horseman and gun men they were and lived by a code and honor not to anger Mother Nature. These types of men were much like the miners who have a great history in this nation.

In our day these traits of simple men living their lives not only for joy but to help settle a nation are sprinkled among us today. The Farmer, Store Keeper, Cowboy, Fisherman and Hunter aand miner are present in our society. Their personalities are reflected in this society in business, engineering, construction, science, industry, military, and electronics. They are everywhere and we are grateful for our nations back bone. The good men of America and for their fore fathers, thank you…

God Bless America and its good men..

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.