Self Delusions of Mr. & Mrs. Humbug

Throughout all our yesteryears, mankind has erroneously manufactured a counterfeit image of itself. This identity currently projects itself on a screen of reality, now playing in a narrow-minded neighborhood somewhere near you. Many characters make up this act and the leading roles are given to those who can fit into the “normal” bogus roles the best. It seems in most instances the higher the education, the more distant the insights into higher realities or dare we say “Authentic Divine Guidance”

The most important roles are given to the willing actors, whose well rehearsed script is precisely memorized, then spoken. All is neatly produced by scholars from the School of Egotism. These folks control many parts of our societies “normal” today. The one thing most of them lack is wisdom but no matter, let the masquerade emerge from its self acclaiming academics, media and all other singular truth organizations. Pats on the back are the order of the day for the alien members of egos fluff-stuff. Enter the human academy of singular truth science, politics, media, finance and religion.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug are great supporters of the Academy of Egotism. They ‘I’-dolize it. Their roles take place in the back lots of life’s studios. It all seems so real but behind the frail frames of the facade, many horrific scenes take place.

Many folks with high intellect seem to believe modern science is a method by which we can detach ourselves from nature and become aloof from a higher reality. Whilst science brings us many new discoveries, many intellects say everything happens “by chance” and there is no meaning to life other than “real facts in science” They become their own devil-gods and believe they have full power over their domain. Their reasoning guides them to judge life in terms of intellectual reasoning and logic, to be cultivated by mathematical proof. If they can’t prove it, well it just does not exist.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug Live at No 1 Ignorance Blvd., Mayhem Town, Disbelief-in-the Truth City, US-Less

Human beings who walk alone thinking they are somehow detached from the universe, act as chaotic particles of energy. Many will say they are merely the chemical reactions of the brain. For folks who talk in this manner – well, that is all they are at that moment. A mass of chemical reactions, with intellects/egos that contain very little authentic meaning.

Mr. and Mrs. Humbug like to picnic by ingesting “Media Porky Pies”(Lies) which circulates into intellectual propaganda and then people quote it as their gospel truths.

Throughout time, many people who behave without universal intelligence have contributed to evolving devastation and mayhem. The majority, personally do not destroy others, but they allow ignorance of the truth to fester as they buy into their artificial lifestyle. In time, a dictator or religious doctrine comes along to take advantage of a powerless, gullible society. It often takes a devastating war to get back and begin a new round of ignorance. In peace time, we just wreck our own immune systems with illusionary anxieties tied to our mistaken identities.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug get sick quite often. They just dote on devouring large helpings of worry. The “lucky ones” who don’t die of self-inflicted disease, are saved by medication and surgery, however their quality of life greatly diminishes.

When a mortal being acts only with ego’s power, it forfeits the connection to their natural spiritual sense of living a fulfilling life. An empty life with no meaning, is a wasted existence, so why do folks insist on “Going it alone.” Why endure hardship and suffering in a world that is constantly changing? Why live life in a stressful manner when every molecule and cell is constantly changing. The answer is simple but hard to find.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug say life has treated them cruelly and cannot see the beauty that constantly encompasses them. They go into buildings to find God and pray for help. When they leave the building, they leave God behind. Being the good caretaker he is, God keeps the building in good shape. Mr. & Mrs. humbug do not recognize their bodies as Gods temple, so they can go into dis-repair. They can donate money for a building but cannot find the time to donate genuine in-sights to their true-selves.

Folks who cannot change the stale, worn out thoughts live in the clutches of ego’s prison. If everything is constantly changing, why stick with the same thought pattern? What is so wonderful about worry and anxiety that we have to love and nurture it? Could it be our negativity has become our desired “normal”habit. More to the point, what is so wonderful about our notability, which was never of our choosing in the first place, that is worth keeping? If we possessed stockings that were full of holes, would we keep on wearing them?

Mr. and Mrs. Humbug are always poor of spirit, no matter how much money they accumulate. They have lost the desire to live natural as nature intended, consequently they exist within catastrophic normality.

We have become so attached to an identity that is masterly destructive, that we do not know how to let go of it. We are held captive by a master of havoc, who has hypnotized us into accepting self made lies. Yes indeed, EGO = Ease God Out, is a BIG falsifier. It tells us all kinds of illusionary tales and we accept them as our truths. What’s more, most of the folks we know also be-lie-ve the falsehoods. They are also hoodwinked by their master of havoc. The academy of egotism only turns out grade A students, brainwashed to obey a singular perception of life.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug are dedicated followers of false images and tailor misconstrued thoughts. The latest media hype gets them all flustered leading to sleepless nights, bad digestion, encouraging the seeds of disease.

We have allowed a false identity to become our reference point to all the temporal things that surround us. We had no choice in accepting this identity, for it was transmitted to us by other folks, who were also living a false existence. Society has shaped itself on ideas that have no place in nature, except in ego’s alien normality nature. It is very far removed from human nature, yet we call an alien human nature, human nature. We say it is only human nature to worry. It is only human nature to feel jealous and hate. No, No that is ego’s nature, not human nature and it is a false devil and master. A baby must first ‘grow up’ before it can be taught how to hate.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug Pray to the Holy Cow, The Stock Market, for deliverance to secure an advantageous lifestyle. If they succeed, they can then torment themselves in luxury rather than be tormented in poverty.

The alien ego-being, masquerading as a human being, be-lie-ves a real supernatural devil exists and does not understand that the ego itself is its own devil. Some ego-devils are more openly destructive than others but all egos can contain illusionary devils, as long as the ego masters the mind. A human beings convictions are as real as the ego- beings devil control of the mind & body. In reality neither exist or have any true, lasting power. The most an egos power can assemble is one lifetime of conflict in a human mind. A lifetime of hallucinations, living in ignorant grandeur. A primeval dynasty of primitive engagements, wrestling with themselves in a ring of thorns.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug love to gossip, favor criticizing others and accommodate pet hates. Tittle- tattle may seem like a fun sport, however the ramifications to health and happiness suffer the consequences. The golden rule they forgot is; to do onto other as we would have done to us.

An ego – being has no foundation or structure. It lives within the realms of a mirage and when trouble strikes the mirage is shattered. This leaves a broken hearted human forsaken, in a maze of confused thoughts. A nervous wreck on the brink of an early demise. Cancer and heart failure are just a couple of the many contributions from a stressful life, dwelling in worry and woes, will bring. Do we really want our ego to retain its mastery over our minds?

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug endure an empty existence and leave without ever knowing the meaning of Joy. Sadly, on their death bed, they realize they cheated themselves of a life filled with love & joy, Alas, too late becomes the cry.

As long as ego/intellect holds court, all the slaves will obey. The period of ego’s trademark of slavery is drawing to an end. The academy of egotism is about to go belly up. Bankrupted by its own greed for power. It may take a decade or two before freedom within clarity of thought and creativity commences. However, the time is fast approaching when the illusions of our societies will begin to disappear, either by a nuclear holocaust or more hopefully, an awakening connection to the divine fountain of truth.

We are about to harvest a change of thought patterns and an understanding of a higher reality. A change in our perception of life. A cleansing of old useless attachments, to be replaced with a surrender to the eyewitness within.

Mr. & Mrs. Humbug’s eyewitness within has yet to be called to testify on the violations of universal laws.

  • We will grasp our true psychology of life and start to gain wisdom in our schools and universities.
  • We will procure and nurture wisdom with love and Joy, seeing it as a benchmark of real meaning.
  • We will walk in harmony with all life forms and protect our mother earth.
  • We will begin to give back to earth all we have taken.
  • We will return to the divine world of serenity and tranquility.
  • The new Academy of Wisdom is about to open its doors to all.
  • The next generation of wise mortals are about to take center stage and show all the infinite possibilities the universe can teach. A crop of goodness awaits all who start to sow their seeds of wisdom.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Humbug only grow weeds in their psychological garden of self-delusions. The realizations of spirits truth will become paramount so that the weeds can mystically seed glorious blooms of de-light.

  • Human beings are seeded from natures core values, allowing growth by natural intrinsic, intuitive intent.
  • When we remain connected to natural nature, then our seeds will flourish and bloom.
  • Earth is part of the universal flow and we are the children of the creator/evolver of earth.
  • The Universal Spirit is asking us to tune in.
  • The orchestrations have been composed.
  • The music is playing delightful melodies.
  • Now is the time to dance in step with nature.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Humbug are out of step with creation They believe divine order is a slice of Pizza followed by ice cream.

  • Only Spirit holds true joy and meaning, everything else are self-deceptions played on Mr. & Mrs. Humbug.
  • When wisdom is fused with intellect, mankind progresses in a credible direction.
  • All the greatest sages of the past have echoed the silent voice of their inner spirit.
  • Our hearts desires are guided by the soul’s intuitive power, embracing true Joy.
  • We walk on a sacred, divinely guided thoroughfare.
  • When all is said and done, we are just passing through. Why not make every day and night, a joyful occasion, for celebrating the gift of life.
  • Michael Levy is a professional optimist, his philosophy of life is one of joyful optimism. He is an international radio host and the author of nine inspirational books. Michael’s poetry and essays grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry.