No Theory just Faith

The measurement of time varies according to where life is located and how time is measured in that sphere. For everywhere there is a time and to every person wherever they exist, time is measured in whatever dimension they stand. In a different time, and different dimension, all life began.

Many have lived at various times while experiencing life in its many dimensions. But time exists everywhere there are beings who have a need to be measured. However, time has always existed and does exist on other worlds where ever there is man.

In different dimension where few remember, in man’s original home, on a different planet, all life began. On that planet there is no time, as we understand time. It is hard to understand a place called home where time, as we know it, isn’t measured. This home is the place that has always been and will always exist. The dimension where there is no beginning or no end. If one can imagine such a place, a home of no time, then we can understand how nothing is measured in time and time controls nothing. Time measures existence on earth but if we didn’t live with time or have its restraints then it, time, couldn’t be measured. Thus man would live forever as Adam and Eve would have lived forever if the fall hadn’t started their time clocks.

The logical conclusion states if there is no time then there is no beginning or no end because only time gives reference points to a beginning or an end. Without time nothing is measured by what we understand as a beginning or end.

When the earth was organized the elements or matter that makes up the earth had existed for eons. That matter that made earth a planet was organized by God. We are on one of many planets that organize the universes. How long has the earth been organized? Who knows, but the Father of all mankind? Time where He lives is different from our time; so how long did it take for the earth to be organized? I don’t know because I haven’t the knowledge of God. So time must be recorded by some means beyond our understanding or all time sees, would be lost.

The threads of time weave through the universe and form the tapestry of God’s handiwork.

The threads of man’s time on earth weave the tapestry of man’s histories as they lived. When this great tapestry is completed what will it tell about to the eternities of time? What will it look like when viewed and seen by those who view the eternities? What do the visitors to Vietnam wall see, when they look upon it for the names of those who lived, fought, served and died for their country, or do they see much more? What colors will this great blanket of life’s records reflect at various times on earth’s path? Will it be colorful or dull, dark and dreary? Will it shine and show the high points of man’s journey through time? I would imagine its history will vary with a multitude of colors.

Maybe the colors of the flags of the various nations of each generation will be woven into the tapestry of time. Yellows, Reds, Greens, Blues, Blacks and Whites and most of the colors we know would be visible if this is so. The periods of strife, famines and plenty will be defined by colors that present those times well. War of which this world has seen its share will be etched in the colors of those people who fought those conflicts preceded by the emblem of war, the Sword. Could it look like the aurora borealis that solar winds display in the northern hemisphere?

How will the people be represented? I’m sure we will be seen by the color of our skin. The Asian, Black Brown, Red, and Caucasian people of the Earth will be written by name, scrolled in the color of their origin. The Flag of many colors will represent the humans who lived, and died while this planet existed. Even the lives of those who last but short minutes will be seen and recognizable. The type of life each person lived will be itched in the color of their deeds whether good or bad preceded by their name in the color of their skin. Example could be a Sylvester Wheel barrel in Red, would be followed by the various colors of his life pattern. Each color represents a life style; dark gray for bad deeds, pale gray for neither good or bad, white a fair life, silver a good life and gold an exceptional life.

The dark ages will certainly show on this tapestry of time. The Powers of the once great Rome, Egypt, Prussia, England, Germany, Russia, China and America each and every group of people, every person even those without nations who struggled on this planet will be visible. I am sure each one of us who lived in their nation would be curious when this blanket of time is completed how their nation will be represented? Will we look for our name and life cycle doted and spelled on the fabric of time? What color will represent every person, dark gray, white or maybe silver or gold sprinkled in with our life’s pattern? Some I’m sure will be grey even dark gray, some white and few silver and very few gold. Where will you fall in this colorful tapestry? I hope you are among the silver and gold and you life has always been white then changing to the more precious colors of life. For me I’m trying to be a good person but time will tell.

I hope in this little display you can realize each of us can make a difference in life. Not only for ourselves but also for others we know and will know as time moves forward. Take the time to do something good for someone today; even if it’s just a good morning, a lift of spirits of one who is down trodden. Make life a little more friendly and comfortable for yourself and others.

We are weaving our own life’s pattern and how it looks when done is exactly how it will be seen. Time can’t lie. We may try to fool ourselves into believing we are good but we know who we are. Just make the best of life who ever or where ever you are and do the best you can. May the Lord Bless us always on our paths through time…


Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.