Islam At War With The World

We, the people in the Western world, have been at world war for a long time and no one cares to admit it! This war, of Islam against the West, is escalating, daily. By discussing all but the war, in which we are embroiled, our politicians and the media turn the attention away from the main core issue, this war. We hear discussions about the economy, the royal weddings in Britain and Monaco, about Flotillas and Flytillas-Airtillas attacking Israel and the evil Israel represents. All are important, or interesting, issues, but where is the admission, we are at war?

Today, on Fox News, the world had come to a halt; nothing else happened anywhere but the visit to Southern California of the newly wedded British Prince William and his newly crowned Princess Catherine. It is all about where they went, what they have done, how much money people paid to rub shoulders with them, to see them from afar, to play Polo with the Prince, and the prices are astronomical, all for charity. It is important, it make a pleasant story about pretty people. But do we know what took place, today, in Iraq, in Afghanistan? Are we winning these wars there, or we are not?

Why isn’t the public being told the naked truth about the war the United States is fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan? Or, why we are not told how badly the USA influence in the world has been diminished, or, how alone we, Americans, stand as the entire of Europe has lost this war already? And the others, the Chinese and the Russians, are fueling this war, regardless of the obvious consequences they will also face.

It is a war that was waged against us by the rogue Islamic nations, Islamists, radical Moslems and the like, all in the name of their religion Islam. It is a war carried out by people who are stuck on backwards and heinous ideology, a Fascist ideology full of hatred and barbarism against the democracies in Europe, the Republic USA and any other nation that is a non-Moslem. It is a war the West fears; a war that, for unbeknown reasons, the West will not allow itself to win, as it must and as it can.

We have been at this World War 3 for a long time, only that no one has the guts to state the obvious, clearly and aloud.

This war is WWIII of Islam against the rest of whoever stands in its way to dominate the entire world, as its inventor, Mohamed, and the Qur’an instruct the Moslem believer to do. A war against whoever stands up to Islam. It is a slow war; it is as much with conventional weapons but not only. It is inflicted by Moslems using political and media lethal tools readily available to serve them. And the worst weapon of all is the inaptness of the non-Moslem governments and the foolishness of the masses on the street that Islam is exploiting and subverting in its favor to win its war and to finally dominate the world.

One of Islam’s best weapon to advance its war on the free world is the democratic systems and laws, which Islam is using and abusing in its favor and against the people living in those free world’s democracies whom Islam see to be its enemy. In wars democracy and niceties do not work; you either win the war or lose it, nothing in between.

This war began slowly, right after WWII ended. It began with the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, which the Moslem-Arab nations will not accept it has the right to exist. Thus, they aggressively attacked the nascent Jewish state with the hope to annihilate it before it had a moment of liberty to breath. And this war also began with the world’s unrestrained, unsustainable, and growing, need for Arab-Moslem oil, which trumps all sense of reality. It is Islam’s invasion of the West, assisted by its powerful tool, the black oil, it offers, with much control, to supply in order to meet the industrial world’s voracious needs for it. And in return, the West, Russia and China and the entire non-Moslem world puts in the hands of the Arab-Moslem black oil owners of tyrannical regimes, the obnoxious financial power of the shiny America Dollar, European Union Euro, Russian Ruble, Japanese Yen or Chinese Yuan, which they then use to fight the Buyers of their oil.

When, in 1973, Israel had finally won the You Kippur War, one more war the aggressive Arab countries waged against the Jewish State, the non-Moslem world should have woken up. It was then, the Arab-Moslems oil producing nations, led by Saudi Arabia, decided to punish the United States for assisting Israel in its dire time. The Arab-Moslem oil producing nations cut their oil production and supply to the West, to its minimum, and with that they proved to the rest of the industrial world how fast they can bring it to a paralysis. They have put the world against the wall and brought the world to panic from which it should have woken up, there and then, but it did not. The free world has kept on playing into its enemy’s hands, instead of ending its critical dependency on it, as it could and as it should have done.

Over the years, the Arab Nations conflict with the State of Israel and the world’s demand for Arab-Moslem oil have become the two main weapons Islam is using to fight the West. Adding to it is the Moslem immigration to Europe and the USA and the Moslems unwillingness to assimilate, rather to dominate, thus turning large parts of Europe into Eurabia and some America cities into Moslem dominated, subjugated by the growing influence of Islamic Sharia law. More so, the tentacles of Islam has reached deep into Western society through organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that, under that radar, supports terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas or even the Boyz in the moslemhood-the Moslem Brotherhood.

Just over ten years ago, apart from Israel, that had already battled and is still battling its wars with Islam, none of us, in the Western-the free world, knew about jihad or homicide bombing threats. We did not hear the term “Allahu Akbar,” or thought a 9/11 carnage could happen. We never knew how much hate the Moslem world has for the West. Our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison did when they, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries fought the Barbary wars. Those wars were the result of the Barbary Countries Moslem pirates attacking British and other European ships, along the North Coast of Africa, since the 1600s.

We never saw Moslem women wearing hijabs or burkas in our streets and Moslem Sharia law was not in our daily discussion as it is today and is a major worry that its goal is to subvert our Constitution. All this new jargon means that Islam is gaining power everywhere. It is gaining its power by intimidation, making the West cater to them by using our laws against us, expecting us to bend backwards and submit to Islamofascism. This means our submission to Islam is underway.

Islam is now everywhere; it is in our government, our court system, the military, the police and on the street and it is only going from strength to strength.

Islam is a political ideology its mentality is strength through much patience the West does not possess. It means doing whatever is needed to win. And they are winning.

The Moslems’ goal is to tear and topple the American Constitution and every other free nation’s charter, law and constitution.

Since 1979 the Islamic Republic of Iran is at war with the United States. And thus far and since, no one in any of the American Republic governments has muster the courage to face it and play the part. The Iranian radical Moslem regime funds terror all over the world, in which many Americans died and are dying and no one stands to this rouge regime. Iran has deep influence in South America and with its strong collaborating with Venezuela, a country situated a hop from the USA Southern border, it can cause another Cuba like missiles’ crisis in the near future, yet no mention of it. Iran also funds and supplies a lethal arsenal to Hezbollah and Hamas; both are on a readiness mode to attack Israel at any moment notice.

And so, through American foolishness, its enemy’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is permitted to enter USA soil and he gets the honor to speak in the cesspit United Nation conferences, while the USA is the main funder of this very questionable organization. From the U.N stage this evil man is allowed to call for the annihilation of the Jewish State, Israel, ridicule the United States and support bias policy, anti-Semitism and terror against the world. And what does the West do? It allows Iran to go on with its threats against the free-non-Moslem world on an almost apologetically mode.

The West keeps on playing into the hands of Islam as if nothing of what is mentioned above is happening.

Islam had declared a war on the West many year ago, a war the West refuses to admit to or fire even one effective bullet back.

What are we to do?

We have to digress from our freedom of religion laws and values. We have to admit that Islam is not a religion; it is a fanatic, political ideology set out to destroy all that is non-Muslim and dominate the entire world.

We must have the courage to ban Islam as it is now practiced. This includes that not one more minaret shall be erected on our land. More so, the Government must establish laws, under which it can closely and overtly monitor all practices existing today in the mosques. One subversive practice discovered, as they are taking place today, one statement against the USA, the mosque in question must be closed for ever.

That means that conversion to Islam is also against the law. One wants to convert to Islam, one can do it outside the USA borders with the condition to never return.

Immigration of people from Moslem countries and of Moslem faith must end.

We are to tell all Moslems who are living in our countries: you want to practice Sharia law, you go back to your hellhole countries, not here in the USA. Any court, law enforcement agency or a bureaucrat applying even a gesture of Islamic Sharia law is to be investigated for treason.

The US ends supplying and selling arms to any Moslem country. One does not need to fuel the Moslems’ war against us.

It is now the time to end the EPA establishment and begin drilling everywhere in the free world where there is oil – and there is oil in abundance in many places -thus bring the end of our need for Moslem-Arab oil.

We need to ban all donations to our learning institutes that have Islam seal attached to it. The Moslems are using their influence in our education institutes against us.

We begin from here and we go on, applying other restrictions, as needed and as we go along, this with one goal in mind, to stifle and chock to death Islam’s influence in the West. Once we have cleansed ourselves of Islam influence, from within, we can fight them outside our borders, fight them, not fear them, with one intention in mind to win and bring Islam, as it is now known and practiced, to its keens, to a total non-existence stance.

Islam was founded in 622 CE and it has 1389 years of redemption to go through to convince any person they are ready for peaceful coexistence with all other non-Moslems.

I do not like what Islam represents and to keep our world fee and safe, the reader should join me in my sentiments. If not, the next generation, born in the free world, will no longer be free. It will either be forced to convert to Islam, or be a dhimmi, a non Moslem subject of a state governed in accordance with Sharia Law, or they will be dead.

Islam is at war with us, the non-Moslems; whether we choose to engage in it or not is a choice we need to make. In a war there is a winner and a loser. If we are not going to win, then we are going to lose. Losing a war is being subjugated to the enemy and that is no fun at all. Ask Germany and Japan how that feels. Ask the Arabs who, thank G-d, have lost all their wars they waged against the Jewish State of Israel. Happy talks about democracy, about a “Palestine,” and ‘Arab Springtime’ will definitely not obscure the fact that there is no middle ground. It is either them or us!

While the world refuses to see the truth, while the world is asleep, Islam is taking over.

Just like in Israel, the Arabs holding Israeli citizenship have never integrated, so are the Moslems in Europe or the USA have not integrated; they are not for integration, rather they are for domination.

I have said my word.

Geert Wilders. Muslims will make Europe disintegrate.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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