Is This The Reality of ‘True Muslims’?

The religion of Islam which preaches equality, cooperation, brotherhood, sacrifice, tolerance and forgiveness has perhaps been hijacked by some anti-Islamic elements as a part of some anti-Islamic conspiracy. Otherwise the violence and hatred we have seen in the last three decades in its name, had never been there before. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of ‘jihadi’ suicide bombers. Though in the medieval period, many Muslim Mughal rulers used violence to capture or preserve power, presently those people are involved in maligning the image of Islam, and call themselves “True Muslims.”

According to these so called contractors of Islam, the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews are infidels. Therefore, the ‘Islam’ of these mindless people provides them the authority to kill the people of the above communities. The learning and education of these ‘true Muslims’ tell them that they would be called victors after killing the people of other faiths and will be entitled to heaven. Even if they themselves get killed in the process, then they would be called martyrs and therefore entitled for heaven. A lot of people may not know that it is not only the people of the above communities that are in their ‘hitlist’, but also a very big group of Sufi Muslims. Killing Sufi Muslims has also becomes a way to ‘heaven’ for these ‘true Muslims’. Barelvi Muslims, Shiites and Ahmediya Muslims are equally big enemies of these ‘true Muslims’ as non-Muslims.

So called real Islamist attacks on an Ahmadiyya mosque in Bangladesh

The question is who gave these traders of death the right to certify who is a true Muslim–who will go to heaven and how, and who should follow which faith? The Sufis whom these ‘true Muslims’ consider as their enemies, preach aspects of Islam which promote equality, tolerance and true faith. Similarly, the people of the Shia sect of Islam are also their bitter enemies. These ‘true Muslims’ have often attacked their mosques in Pakistan. Hundreds of Shiites have been killed by them in Pakistan.

Now let’s have a look at the Shiite community whom these ‘true Muslims’ call infidels. Like them, Shiites also consider Prophet Mohammed as their ‘Nabi’ but after him they consider Hazrat Ali as their first ‘Imam’. According to Shiites, there are 12 Imams including Ali’s sons Hassan and Hussein. The 12th Imam was Imam Menhdi. The facts mentioned about the Prophet’s daughter Fatima are undisputed and there is no group of Muslims that deny that. Ali was the husband of Fatima and also the nephew of the Prophet. These ‘true Muslims’ have declared the followers of Ali, as infidels. Now they say they can be killed either in Mosques of Imambaras or in Moharram processions. Hundreds of Shiites were killed last year in Moharram processions in Pakistan.

faces of real islamist

It is obvious that when they don’t consider Shiites and Barelvis as Muslims, so how can they consider Ahmediyas and Qadiyanis Muslims, as their origin is in the Qadiyan town of Punjab, India?

The Ahmedi sect was founded by Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani in 1889. Though the Ahmediya sect promotes the teachings of Islam, these ‘true Muslims’ cannot digest the claim of their founder that he is an incarnation of Jesus and Imam Menhdi. And the price for this is paid by the whole community.

Their hatred towards the Ahmediya sect is not limited to Pakistan, rather it is worldwide. In Indonesia, a crowd of these ‘true Muslims’ destroyed their Mosque. In Bangladesh also, they face much adversity. The same hatred forced the Parliament of Pakistan to declare them non-Muslims in 1974. Under General Zia-Ul-Haq, the ‘true Muslims’ got themselves strongly organised against the Ahmediyas. The continuation of this same hatred resulted in the suicidal attack by the ‘true Muslims’ on two Ahmediya Mosques in Lahore on 28 May on the occasion of Friday prayers. In this bloody game of death, 80 people got to a heaven ‘apart from the suicide bombers’.

Is this intolerance and fundamentalism providing respect to Islam? The forces which claim to be true Muslims and true followers of Islam, should look back at history and learn that Islam had to face shame just by the power capturing actions of some Mughal emperors. While such incidents provide strength to professional Islam bashers, the inhuman actions of these ‘true Muslims’ reinforces them. It now seems that these ‘true Muslims’ are the biggest enemies of Islam and are a major part of a global conspiracy against Islam. This is the truth about ‘true Muslims’.