Hindus Appeal to All Christians to Respect Hinduism

The ideological differences on Jesus Christ and the Christian religion are being analyzed with emphasis on historical facts and being centralized on question pertaining to the search of the starting point of the world’s religions.

Muslim and Christian religions took birth long after the creation of Hindu religion and its civilization. Hindus and Buddhists of Nepal are highly liberal. They respect either of the religions, Christian and Muslim. However, Hindus will not tolerate an attempt to evangelize people following other religions.

Hindus and Buddhists do not bear any ill intentions towards Muslims in Nepal. Muslims follow their own religion and respect Hinduism and Buddhism. So we are not angry towards Muslims. Hindus of Nepal are suspicious and angry towards the Christians. It seems the Christians want to destroy Nepal’s identity.

History tells us that some Nepalese were turned into Christians before 1768 A.D after the Malla rulers came under influence.

After 1768 A.D the creator of the big Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah chased away Capuchin and Christian preachers due to their suspicious activities. So, from then they bore a negative attitude towards Nepal.

Among all religions of the world, Hindu religion is considered as an ancient religion that is recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life.

An authoritarian regime of Israel executed Christ who had stayed in Nepal for six years doing meditation. He came back from the grave, as he had acted as if dead, with the power of meditation and left for India.

We can see a tomb of Jesus Christ kept in Kashmir. Christ traveled through what is now Nepal and India from 13-30 years seeking religions teachings. There are facts that suggest he read Vedic teachings in Kashi, Jagannath, Bihar and Nalanda. He went to Lumbini and visited mountains of Kumbakarna, Gaurishankar and Mt. Everest south of Tibet.

Jesus Christ came to India at the age of 12 or 13 with businessmen. He spent some days with Jainmuni in Rajasthan. Then he studied Ved in Kashi and Jagannathpuri. He achieved enlightenment through meditation in India. Jesus Christ preached on love, benediction, compassion and mercy by learning from ancient Vedic Hindu religion.

The manuscript of Christ can be read at the ‘Summit University’ in France. The tradition that precedes a birth, death, marriage and christening in Churches by priests and pastors corresponds with the Hindu traditions.

This is a matter of such extremity that brings destruction to oneself. If Christians do not respect the Vedic Hindu religion then Nepalese Hindus will not tolerate the Christian conspiracy.

Hindus are paying the price for their intellectual laziness, for choosing comfort over hard thinking.

Some Christians erected Churches without any agreement after 2005. As such voices are raised by the employees of believers of Christianity. Christian religion is becoming unpopular nowadays. In Arab nations due to the pressure mounted by the Christian nations of the west, they are forced to view them as their enemy.

The ‘Omen’ word used by Christian is similar to the ‘OM’ used by Hindus. Hindus worship the Sun God on Sunday; similarly the Christians worship Christ on Sunday. In view of all these, the Christian nations and Christian mission ought to respect the greatness of Hinduism and competent views of it.

But the Christians are pouncing on Hindus wherever they contact and show the attraction of money as attraction to transform them into Christians. They have tactics to end Hindus identity.

Hindu religion and its culture are respected by many big intellectuals around the world. The western renowned philosophers-Voltaire, George Bernard Shaw, German scholar Nitse, Megasthaniz and Fai-Han have written many books supporting the Hindu philosophy expressing the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization.

Hindu philosophy is incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible. According to Encyclopedia of Religions and Ethics, signs of Hindu religion are even found in the present Islamic country like Iran. A stone scripture of 486 BC found in Iran contains the words Hindu and Hindus.

Lastly, it is our appeal to the Christian missions and Christian nations that they confer their rich respect to the only pure Hindu nation of Nepal. May there be efforts to the effect of eradicating the negative views of Hindus towards Christianity. So, all the Christians and Christian world must regard the Vedic Hindu religion and NEPAL as a ‘Hindu Kingdom.’