God’s Laws Govern Our Universe

Men have tried to prove to themselves and others that God does not exist. They have conjured up ideas and lectures pontificating about how law came about or where it comes from and that law is either natural or manmade. Plato called law the universal rule, and how to tell the difference between natural law and conventional law. This indicates to me he knew of the law that is above and beyond man’s laws.

Our universe is governed by God’s laws.

Everything in this universe functions under law and remains secure until its time expires and like man it moves elsewhere. Most laws in any government or in a kingdom are based upon the laws set forth with and under Gods laws. If planets, and solar system function under law what makes man any different?

God’s laws supersede man’s laws.

A government which supports no laws invites perversion and will fail in its ability to function under the laws of God. His laws govern everything even man’s existence. Laws are what gives order to men and makes them accountable for their actions. There are two satisfactory forms to justice one is with penalties and restitution for breaking laws and the other is forgiveness (mercy) that may also require restitution for the grievance.. Man’s laws must support the purpose for God’s laws.

If they don’t then those laws (mans) lead to chaos…

Why does this nation allow pornography in any form? Why do some people approve use of various illegal drugs?

These are questions people do not want to visit or hear the correct answers. Governments ignore the truth pertaining to these matters and the Media seem to think there is no sin worthy of publications unless it involves guns or Mother Nature.

How many times have we tried to exclude pornography from our society?

But a government that takes upon itself a position to justify people in their illegalities, indulgences or perversions is a stupid government. Our government should depend upon the people and the people must depend upon the government that will keep law and order. How can a government justify its actions that are contrary to their duty to protect and defend?

When a government assumes the role of divine influence it has perverted its function and lost the ability to govern its people.

Government is losing the law of Justice and has weakened the main ingredient of justice and that is the consequence for breaking the law; but without the consequence of justice the door is open to increased violence and perversion. The main purpose for law and order are lost and its ability to satisfy the law with justice and mercy are impossible to administer…

Agency must prevail in a free society

When people allow their government to forgive sins, or ignore the laws or unjustified acts, it won’t be long before that government condones immorality, carnality, and encourage corruption, of the body, mind, and spirit, of the people it has duty to protect…

The basic unit of society is the family. Government has duty to protect the society against any changes that may harm the stability of its society that can or would destroy this basic unit, the family.

Law is given to man for their standards to live and exercise agency… We live the law or we don’t live the law. Laws can be broken in different ways; intentionally or by accident or ignorance. If man breaks the law he must receive just punished for breaking that law. Men punish those who break the law and so will God punish those who break his laws. If there is no law given, then man would have nothing to fear or no rule to be measured and judged…

God’s laws require repentance and restitution

Mans laws are broken and when they are caught breaking the law there is punishment. But God allows man to break his laws and punishment is not immediate. He wants men to learn the purpose for agency and how to use agency for the good of every person and not just for their own self indulgence.

This education or knowledge comes in various ways.

If they have no fear then they have no conscience and they are dangerous unto every soul. If man misuses agency and forces others to be subjected to law that stifles agency then that becomes force and God will force no man to do his will. When men steal they must not only pay the price of the theft and also make restitution. Rape is impossible to pay restitution of one’s virtues or agency and must be paid with equal severity of justice that will force just payment.

Laws exist to protect the people not to subject them to violence and perversion

What will happen when people ignore not only man’s law but God’s law? Is this why people now ignore even the simplest laws like stop signs or don’t walk signs? Divorce and adultery is on the rise and men ignore laws that were once in support of God’s laws but now are ignored. Chaos follows and society pays a great debt for sexual perversion. People might wake up and change this direction or they may adopt the government’s perverted policies and suffer the eventual consequences?

A government which ignores its own and God’s laws gives into perversion and has lost its ability to function under the laws of God.

If there is a law then there must be just punishment for those who break the law. Without punishment the law becomes weak and worthless and the law must require justice. Mercy is necessary for man to rely upon when they break the laws. Mercy must be applied with a just means attached with regulations and accountability that will always govern with honesty and integrity when applied to the principle of justice and mercy.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.