Arts Express: Woody Allen Talks Magic in The Moonlight

Woody Allen talks Magic In The Moonlight, illusion and meaninglessness. He also also talks about mulling notions of time, space, futility, mortality, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Mia Farrow, Salinger, Billy Graham, Houdini, Citizen Kane, Bicycle Thief, Blanche Dubois, the afterlife, Fred Astaire, why movies are like lemonade, and the artist’s job in the face of all that.


Seven Deadly Sins: A conversation with Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock about his new television series. And related thoughts on greed, gluttony, Hitchcock, Creep Show, Lonesome Rhodes, participatory journalism, homelessness, couch surfing, and basically anything twisted, magical, weird and judgmental in US culture. And ultimately with 7 Deadly Sins, that ‘you won’t be able to unsee what you have seen.’

Masters Of Sex: Actress Annaleigh Ashford on brothels, pretzel kings and sexual disorders, in this Masters and Johnson biographical dramatic television series.

Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network’s Arts Express.