‘Heart of a Champion’ Begins Filming

Richard Fitzpatrick, CEO and President of Black Triad Entertainment are proud to announce the creation of the new ground-breaking film “Heart of a Champion.”

Sixteen years ago, while still in film school, Richard Fitzpatrick of Port St. Lucie, Fla., wrote a screenplay loosely based on the life of his younger brother, Martin. He said his brother hated those in authority and yet the object of his greatest frustration became the cure as he found himself in a program directed by local law enforcement, The Police Athletic League. What he needed was to redirect that rage.

In “Heart of a Champion” Calvin Malone and Malcolm Saint are two men who have lost their way and lost sight on the values taught through the disciplines of the boxing ring. With a younger generation looking on the two are destined to set off a chain of events that through their example threaten to tear this small community apart.

With the help of an old sage, Granger, and a seasoned veteran of the ring, Big Mac, the two are asked to put the past and their differences aside and look to the future. As bad blood begins to flow from old wounds it seems the only way to bring their conflict to an end is where it began, in the squared circle.

This is the tale of a young man whose life was changed when he joined the Police Athletic League boxing team. “The events in this film run parallel to my brother’s life, but there are some tweaks as well that we have added,” Fitzpatrick said. “Though faith based in nature, this story is told in a most unconventional way as it provides something for all audiences raising our hopes and inspirations as we explore the very heart of the matter.”

Richard Fitzpatrick, CEO and President of Black Triad Entertainment, has spent over 15 years working in film and entertainment. He is the writer, producer and director of “Heart of a Champion” was also the executive producer of “Love Trap” a movie that delighted audiences at film festivals all across the globe, winning awards for Best Feature Film. His experience includes being involved in such projects as “Bad Boys II,” “Ali,” and “The Holy Man.”Having shared scenes with some of Hollywood’s best and yet unable to pierce the veil his desire to succeed led to the forming of Black Triad Entertainment Group