Global Climate Virtual Conference: Vapid, Linguistic Diatribe

The Global Climate Virtual Conference ostensibly is about caring for the environment. But what is being served up from there is vapid, linguistic diatribe. One set of linguistic bile came from teenager Xiye Bastida, a Mexican-Chilean immigrant living in New York.

Few people appear to understand the warped linguistic drivel that came out of the mouth of this 19-year-old. I do not!

She is a member of Mexico’s indigenous Otomi-Toltec nation and her parents are environmentalists. That in itself doesn’t explain the stream of cultural Marxism she delivered to the world. Except that she cares about the environment, and blames the ills of the world on Caucasians (Europeans).

Why does the USA import people who bring their failed ideologies to our country, which we do not subscribe to, and then allows them to preach it to the world? Have Washington DC dwellers gone totally out of their minds? Do they represent YOU, We, the People?

Marxist Waffle & Climate Fraud Scare

Bastida’s furious diatribe against “environmental plunder” is now familiar to us all but where do they find these human props to say all this crazy idiocy!?

Welcome to the loopy-Left era of Joseph Biden as President. The climate fraud scare tactics and ambitions of net-zero fossil fuel emissions pushed by the Biden Administration and global climate activists, moves toward a dictatorial mandate for some but not for others.

The greatest climate change fraud is coming from politicians, deep pocket people and corporations seeking more control of the people’s way of life and their pocket book. This is what is being pushed by the people who mismanage countries and thus the lives of their citizenry. Mismanagement and coercion are exactly what Joseph Biden and his substandard administration flock in Washington D.C. are doing.

climate activist Xiye Bastida. photo from youtube screenshot.
Climate activist Xiye Bastida. photo from youtube screenshot.

Global Climate Virtual Conference

To We, the People’s further chagrin, the Biden team are merely a continuation of the Barack Obama era in Washington D.C. Attended by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, they have created an international ‘climate lords’ panel of 40 world leaders. All 40 participated in a supposedly scientific, economic and policy issues summit.

During the summit course, Blinken, shamelessly, handed over their roles to the 19-year-old Mexican-Chilean, radicalized ‘climate activist’, Xiye Bastida. Now living in New York, now being addressed as the American Greta Thunberg.

Reading a mishmash of environmental and social slogans, Bastida denounced colonialism, capitalism and market solutions. She wants to use climate solutions to promote a Marxist utopia she knows nothing about.

Teenager Demands To Undo Colonialism

The climate Jeanne d’Arc started her rant to the Global Climate Virtual Conference with: “The climate crisis is the result of those perpetuating and upholding the harmful system of colonialism, oppression, capitalism and market oriented green wash solutions.”

Exaggerating her sense of importance, reading a speech that she likely did not write herself, she made excessive and unjustified claims. Bastida said “we demand” multiple times, implying insistence and the right to bark out orders that are to be regarded as commands.

She continued: “We demand that you stop any fossil fuel infrastructure and existing fossil fuel extraction, including pipelines.”

She means to destroy the economy, put everyone out of work, and living in tents, gathered around open fires and eating grass.

“We demand comprehensive non-Eurocentric intersectional climate education, including literacy on ‘climate justice,’ ‘environmental racism,’ ‘ancestral and indigenous wisdom,’ ‘a historical movement,’ ‘disability justice,’ ‘re-careers,’ and ‘sustainable living.’

She will be our teacher.

“We demand that you stop systematically targeting the global south and black and brown indigenous communities, through environmental plunder, exploitation of our land and your liberal policies. We demand to get to net-zero emission by 2030, not net-zero by 2050, including concrete plans how to get there, by annual binding carbon budgets.”

Apparently she hates Biden’s liberal policies.

“We demand that countries increase their commitment to be in line with the Paris Agreement (The Paris Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance, signed in 2016), target of 1.5 degrees of warming, which has been compromised for the Arctic, the Amazon rainforest, island nations and much of the African continent. Here is what we hope that all countries replicate: President Biden’s commitment to cutting carbon emissions by half in 2030. Because we must.”

So, now she agrees with Biden’s climate policies?

Climate Migrants

“We demand that global north countries recognize ‘climate migrants’ as such.”

“We demand that governments, and not policies, to protect activists and acknowledge our right to peaceful protest and mobilization. You will often tell us, again and again, that we are being unrealistic and unreasonable, but who is being unrealistic and unreasonable with unambitious, non-bought so called solutions. You are the ones creating and finding loopholes in your own legislations, resolutions, policies and agreements. You are the naïve ones. If you think we can survive this crisis in the current way of living, you are the pessimist if you do not believe we have what it takes to change the world.”

“If you want to know why these activists are rising up, it is because we are striving for joy; joy for our communities and future generations. The climate crisis is so violent and has exacerbated so much injustice, it is time that you stop thinking of us as activists, it is time for all of us to rise together and recognize that the climate crisis is not only the biggest challenge that humanity has ever faced, but it is also the biggest opportunity that we have to change the world.”

“To end, my generation is making sure that there are alternatives inclusive and vertical discourses. In order for this summit to have an impact, it is imperative that our demands are recognized and implemented. It is not enough to ask what world we are delivering to future generations, but what generations we are delivering to the world. As youth we want to make sure that we can continue to live in harmony with mother earth. Until we see the necessary paradigm shifts we will keep the manic holistic solutions and most importantly we will be watching and we will be organizing.” That is how Bastida ended her bold-in-your-face threats, demands and her linguistic mispronunciations.

Drastic Cuts To Plant Food

And so, brainwashed Bastida demands of the world to make further drastic cuts to greenhouse gases and as she commanded, in less time. However, it is easy to point at a target year into the future. What is so much more difficult is to take aim today at the futuristic target. And as of today, that target is nowhere in humanity’s eyesight. But that is what the Global Climate Virtual Conference participants want.

Did you understand all of that linguistic drivel? The aim of people who speak this way is to make the rest of us think we are foolish because we just do not understand it. I, for one, do not comprehend much of he slogans. They make no sense whatsoever.

The really strange thing about the climate drivel is that they are pretending the climate has never changed before. That everything that happens to climate or weather is strange and unusual. All is caused by and blamed on humans generating too much Carbon Dioxide, a gas that makes plants grow and then gives humans the oxygen to breathe. Except it isn’t true and they are the ones ignoring science.

Statement of Truth

There is no ‘carbon-induced’ warming. For those who do not know, our planet is controlled by the sun and its magnetic field. Nothing we are seeing is out of the ordinary. NASA and the meteorologists have manipulated temperature data. Thus far, ALL their predictions have failed. What they do not tell the world is that to go to solar panels and windmills usage would destroy massive areas of land and will kill massive number of birds, bats and other animals and leave us, the People, to deal with a massive non-recyclable mess every 25 years.

Destroying The Beacon of Freedom

The United States, the very engine room of the global economy, the guiding light for free countries, free people, and free markets, is promoting this sort of nonsense on the global stage, thanks to the loopy democrats and Joseph Biden. It is utopian madness.

When looking at this off-the-rails grandstanding rot, humanity MUST worry. I can only surmise that if Che Guevara or Fidel Castro were still around, Biden would have had them addressing this climate summit, too. Perhaps in even more aggressive manner.

There will be no progress on anything by listening to an emotional, anti-capitalist, anti-West teenager, spewing Marxist rants. It seems to be a cynical, pathetic attempt to appeal to hysterical media and frightened voters.

Studying real science and the true climate record would be useful things to do. Outlining plans to deliver reliable, affordable and efficient energy is what humanity really needs.

Global Climate Virtual Conference Snapshot

Joseph Biden masked at the global climate virtual conference
Joseph Biden one of the few masked at the global climate virtual conference

Strange Virtual Conference

This strange Global Climate Virtual Conference showed us, the viewers, something else that was, the least to say, very strange. Joseph Biden, who says he follows science, who received the COVID-19 vaccine shot, in this Zoom conference, in a room by himself, wore a mask. That could mean a number of things, such as science is no factor, the COVID shot is ineffective, or that he is hiding something else. We all want to know Biden’s secret.

But for now, as weird as he is, Biden seems to be the winner of this global climate get together. The losers are the coal industry, the oil pipeline industry, the economy that supports everything on earth, and the people. None of which the globalists care about.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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