Freedom Slowly Crumbles in America

The idea of a free nation abounding in liberty is and has been a dream of many in the past. Today this free society is about to become the sad example of how freedom crumbles. The people who have enjoyed, and protected the abundance of freedom for this nation are slowly disappearing.

There are few that remain who truly embrace the blessings of liberty and the freedoms of this society. The new generations of citizens have little respect for their freedoms or the laws that protects this most hallowed gift.

They have allowed themselves to debase life with moral decadence, abundant disrespect of morality, family values, and life by desecrating the unborn child and ignoring the commandments of God, while they bask in drugs and the evils of their days.

Why do they ignore truth; because the majority of the churches miss one basic ingredient, the whole truth? They preach of God and Christ but know him not. They preach of sacrifice but demand nothing but money which is not the true sacrifice of one’s heart.

The Founders Passed The Torch

The founders of this nation wanted freedom to be passed from one generation to the next. One problem developed as the torch was passed along the time line of the generations. The example of how to maintain those freedoms diminished and now is all but lost. The previous generations tried but failed to leave the formula that keeps freedom alive, a respect for morality, gratitude for blessing and obedience to laws of God and man…

Christ intended his truths to be passed from one generation to the next but truth was lost and now we see the splinters of truth scattered along the paths of religions.

Why has it been lost? I see but one path to follow to search for this answer. We can look where the light of freedom became dim, confused, and lost.

Religions Failed To Keep The Torch Burning Bright

The path leads to the religions of this free nation. They have failed to keep the torch of man’s love for God burning and bright on the horizon of life… Our religious institutions’ have failed because religion must require of its people in a free society, sacrifice, to guarantee the torch of liberty to remain lighted.

Not a sacrifice of blood, money or any other tangibles but the sacrifice one must have to remain true to the conviction that freedom is not free…Not to give food for the body but the food for the spirit, a desire to love God and one another.

Sacrifice All Or Sacrifice Nothing

Religious truths can only exist in a free society. Our forefathers sacrificed all they had to gain freedom but today we sacrifice nothing but the lives of those who we hired to fight our battles…

We pay homage to God and country with money but we lack the deep moral gift of one’s heart. Oh yes we have an Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air force and they shed their blood fighting battles for us but we remain unscathed from the horrors of war.

They have become the sacrifice while the majority stays at home indulging in the baseness of our luxury. We celebrate their heroic duty and sacrifice but we give lip service to God and his great gift of Freedom to this people. We take for granted what these warriors give for our freedom.

Allegiance To Government Outranks God

Our government believes religion is not sacred; it is taboo for one to pray and worship more than the government itself, who demands loyalty. We give no thanks for God’s wonderful gift and show little gratitude or allegiance to Him and his great gifts. Our government passes laws that slap religions in the face and offend those who do worship God.

We abort life, commit adultery, fornication, and indulge in drugs, allow same sex marriages, homosexuality and so many other immoral acts which remain nameless. Men abandon wives and family, women seek entertainment in events and luxury to satisfy their so called needs.

The law requires nothing of these offenders but allow their indulgent behaviors… Why do we not require our young men to serve in the Military for a minimum period of time so all may know what is required of a free society? Why do we ignore God and his commandments and walk a crooked path?

Religion has become corrupt with its hollow promises and diluted faith while searching for prosperity in the crumbs of forbidden fruits of decadence and shame. We offend God, the law, and ourselves who are the children of God.

The ministers of this day seek money to build great structures to house Sunday worshipers. The bigger and greater these edifices dot the landscape of America. When in these walls we hear great words but little truth pertaining to God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Have We Passed The Point Of No Return?

People need truth but to tell the truth about life will make people think about what to do and why they do it. We may have passed the point of no return. We have lost the love of God from our churches and places of worship… Tinkling brass and silver glistening symbols are not items of worship.

Few go to church on Sundays and few say their prayers thanking Him for our way of life that allows us freedom. We fail not only ourselves but future generations that may not be allowed to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom. Oh rise up and see the light and the finger pointing at each of us as we hide from the light of truth.

We have failed but we can change the path we follow. We can find help from greater source than our selves. We must change or become as dust in wind. Scatter along the path of freedom will be the remains of this once God blessed nation but will be just dust of a lost memory if we do not change.

As a nation, we are on the wrong path, on a collision course with disaster

I’m a man just like every other man. My life is not without sin and problems. For certain this person is far from perfect, and hope and pray I will find peace in the life to come. I do however not judge a person on how they look but how they act and conduct their lives. As a nation, we are on the wrong path and headed for serious problems.

I’m not a prophet nor do I have a crystal ball but just a man like every other man. I do see this nation through the eyes of age and reason. The reason tells me we are in trouble. Will we make it? Only if we change and change quickly; otherwise we are headed on a collision course with disaster.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.