Facebook Cartoon Characters and Secret Games: Useless

Since the inception of Facebook, people have been using its unique features for so-called noble causes. While the idea behind some of these causes is nice, the fact remains that many of these acts are nothing more than “I saw you do it, I may as well do it too!”

Cases in point: Women posting the color of their bra in a status update, confusing men and turning breast cancer awareness into a top secret game. Yes women, I know you think men are cold, heartless bastards – but if you want to raise awareness for breast cancer, why are you limiting it to all of your lady friends? In case you forgot, men can get breast cancer as well. And get this – men have things that affect them that go without silly games and ribbons! You don’t see a colored ribbon for prostate cancer out there, do you? If you do, it’s one that someone made that’s as frustrated as me about all the favoritism breast cancer seems to pull in.

Right along with this stupid game was the game where women posted where they liked to set their purses when they got home. The result to unsuspecting men looked like where they liked to have sex: “I like it on the floor,” etc. Once again – not raising awareness for anything other than perverts. You’re being pseudo-cryptic teases.

Have all of the noble causes for breast cancer been taken by people who actually give a damn?

Now, there’s a game going around where you’re asked to change your profile picture to that of your favorite childhood cartoon. Mission? Raise awareness for child abuse – mainly 18-24 year olds are taking part in this one. Once again, I respectfully dissent and wonder how this will start a discussion about anything but episodes and characters of their favorite childhood cartoons. I haven’t seen a single discussion about child abuse since this game took hold. I only heard about the cause a few days ago, and when I told unwitting people what it was about they were none the wiser.

Here’s a tip people: If you want to raise awareness for something, use something a little more boring, like a picture of your favorite vegetable. All these picture changes and secret status messages are doing are pointing the conversation in the wrong direction and making men scratch their heads. “But that’s the point!” Well, way to show your support for your cause, women! If we’re not supposed to know, then what deluded form of logic tells you that you’re raising awareness?

Face it, women – you love the bra and purse games because you like confusing us simple-minded men. That’s the real awareness, folks: Showing how clueless men really are.

Everything else is just a lost cause.