Crossfire War – Meeting of Balkan Chiefs of Staff in Thessaloniki, Greece – 18th

Crossfire War – ATHENS – TEHRAN – ANKARA WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Athens – Ankara – Belgrade – Sofia – Bucharest – Zagreb – Sarajevo – Tehran/Vienna – Brussels – Warsaw; Meeting of Balkan Military Chiefs of Staff in Thessaloniki Wednesday April 18th – Cooperation with NATO Vague

Night Watch: THESSALONIKI – The Bulgarian private information agency, Focus and the Greek paper Elefterotipia, are reporting a meeting is to be held Wednesday, on the 18th, of the Balkan Military Chiefs of Staff. The most significant one on one meeting will be between Turkey’s Chief of General Staff Army General Yashar Bukyuanit and the head of the Greek Army General Panayiotis Hinofotis. There has been serious planning and even maneuvers between Anakra-Athens ever since NATO-Brussels 78 day air campaign against Belgrade in 1999. Greece and Serbia have long been historically close partly due to their following the same Orthodox ritual. But there is also regional identity and every Balkan capital has become increasingly opposed to the militaristic policies of Northern and Western Europe, also the United States, and their eagerness to wage war against Balkan people, principally Serbia since 1991. [FOCUS]

Making European relations even more suspicious were remarks by Berlin Ambassador to Belgrade, Andreas Zobel that has caused him to be accused by Belgrade of advocating further dismembership of Serbia if Belgrade continues to oppose the United Nations and NATO headquarters in Brussels. The reason why Belgrade takes his comments so seriously is because it was Germany which led the recognition of Slovenia’s and Croatia’s independence in December 1991, months before Brussels. That recognition set the stage for international military intervention which has created a New European War Order, instead of the New World Order that had been envisioned by governments in the West as a showcase of orchestrated crisis and conferences they imagined would display European unity, instead of a new European war. [SERBIANNA]

This meeting on Wednesday of Balkan Chiefs of Staff, in Thessaloniki, Greece’s northeast, is just south of Macedonia and Bulgaria and is just west of Turkey. Every government in those countries want to see an end of NATO’s occupation. In order to accomplish that they have even established military cooperation with Tehran, which signed a security agreement with Belgrade in Jan. 2006. Athens signed one last November and since then the head of Greek’s 1st Army led a military delegation to Moscow in February. Russia also supports Serbia.

In attendance will also be the Chiefs of Staff of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. The Chairman of the European Union Military Committee and the Commander of NATO’s South Wing will also be there but I doubt if they will be given anything more than a polite hearing. Greece Defense Minister Evangelos Meimarakis will deliver an address, which will probably be designed to tell Brussels what it wants to hear, but hint events in the near future could alter the current relationships and what he may call the strategic alignment. That may be as close Balkan capitals may admit publicly that NATO will cease to exist after the war. But that is definitely what they are planning with Turkey-Iran behind the scenes.

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