Crossfire War – Hyderabad Attacked Second Time This Year

Crossfire War – Tehran – Islamabad – Riyadh Watch – South Asia Theatre: Tehran – Beijing – Riyadh – Islamabad – Kabul – Tashkent – Katmandu – Dhaka/Hyderabad – Srinagar – Arunachal Pradesh – Delhi; Confirmations of a Warning – Hyderabad Attacked for a Second Time This Year – Three Timed Explosions Kill At Least 50 People – Pakistan Blamed – Panic – Chaos in City of 7 Million – Hyderabad and Major Indian Cities Including Capital on High Alert

Night Watch: HYDERABAD – Earlier this year reported the warning from Indian Army Intelligence, based on information they received on Islamic infiltrators, mostly through Kashmir but also through Bangladesh, had been ordered to lay low and conduct an “intense” terror attack in late Summer. The attack took place yesterday in the same city Tehran-Islamabad had militants attacked in May, Hyderabad, with its population of seven million and one of the most historic moques in the country which was the target of the May attack.

Muslims are 40% of the population and the May attack set off a brief series of communal rioting between Hindus/Muslims which had marked relations on the subcontinent even long before the two countries became independent in 1947. The current wave of attacks are intended for the same reason, to create a destabilizing atmosphere throughout the country. Three wars have followed independence and a low level fourth war actually began in November 1989 with the Islamic uprising in Kashmir supported by Tehran-Islamabad.

Pakistan’s relations with Iran are comparable with Iran’s relations with Syria. Tehran acts through both countries in support of their regional policies and war preparations, wars Tehran will enter directly, in support of Syria against Israel/US/Europe in West Asia (Middle East) and against India in South Asia through Pakistan. [ALJAZEERA]

Though the fourth war began in 1989 and though the war became near (f)allout a number of times since then, the main reason it has not fully erupted is because Tehran was not quite ready to join it. But the year long maneuvers Iran conducted last year and Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf’s presentation of his “Action Plan” to Tehran in February indicated the fourth war would indeed become (f)allout this year.

I have long suspected what Tehran-Islamabad had planned were a series of terrorists attacks, not just in Kashmir, but in other parts of India that would force Delhi to use its “hot pursuit” policy and attack the Islamic militant training bases that have long been in Pakistan’s part of Kashmir and also in Bangladesh. At least since the Mumbai train attacks, in July last year and with the attack in May at the Hyderabad mosque, Delhi’s investigations revealed some of the terrorists came through Bangladesh. That has caused India to deploy more of its battalions along Bangladesh’s border because Dhaka has refused, as has Islamabad, to shut down the militant training bases India has been demanding them to do.

I knew further attacks were coming late this summer and timed for now because the monsoon season ends in September. If attacks began now then by September, after a series of more attacks, Delhi would be forced to attack the bases in Pakistan-Bangladesh and the fourth war would then indeed become (f)allout. What I did not realize, however, was Tehran deciding to hit Hyderabad again, which of course increases the atmosphere of hatred and panic. On June 9 reported an al-Qaeda representative announcing the organization’s intention to wage Jihad against India. Their presence is not new but it meant Tehran was now ready to use them for more than just the solitary incident.

A major wave of terrorists attacks have been planned which is why it is interesting to read the description of the latest attack in Hyderbad by IRNA. They are the official news site of Tehran’s goverment and they described the three explosions as serial. I suspect this is IRNA’s way of hinting they know more attacks are coming. [IRNA]

The first two explosions, within 30 minutes, took place at Lumbini Park open air auditorium where the audience was watching a laser show opposite the State Secretariat. Tehran’s choice of a laser show as the target could be significant since Reuters mentioned in 1996 Iran was involved in laser research. I assume Iran has been able to conduct the research through the Russian scientists who went south at the end of the Cold War in 1990 and also due to massive assistance from Beijing.

Articles have mentioned Tehran has been using laser in its nuclear enrichment. China wants Tehran’s foreign policy to weaken three of its enemies the West-Russia and of course India. Beijing announced its intention of entering the fourth war last November when China’s Ambassador to India stated northeast India-Arunachal Pradesh, is Chinese territory. That is the same area China invaded in October 1962 and in December last year Beijing conducted ground forces maneuvers with Islamabad just west of Kashmir.

Also in December Saudi Arabia held ground forces maneuvers with Pakistan in the eastern Punjab. During the mid-1980s, the House of Saud, as an expression of its support for Iran and the Jihad, purchased from Beijing 50-60 CSS-2 missiles. The ballistic missile has a 2,500 mile (4,000 km) range and can reach all of India.

The first two explosions are believed to have been IED (improvised explosive device), a weapon Tehran has perfected through Islamic units attacking the UK/US occupation of Iraq and it has been used in Afghanistan against NATO since at least early this year. The third explosion at 2015 hrs (8:15 pm local) was at Gokul Chat shop and outdoor eatery in the Koti area killing 26 people.

The Pakistan Tribune reports Jina Reddy, provincial Interior Minister of Andhra Pradesh where Hyderbad is located, is already blaming Pakistan for causing the explosions. The third explosion was believed to have been caused by gas cylinders, which is another type of explosive device used in Iraq. Cylinders mounted in trucks in Iraq have been used to cause the chlorine chemical gas attacks. No doubt Tehran-Islamabad will attempt to cause chemical terrorist attacks across india. [PAKISTANTRIBUNE]

As a result of the attacks a wave of panic and chaos has swept across the city of 7 million and a massive traffic jam has resulted. A high alert is in effect as in the cities of Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi as well as other major cities. I just have to assume in less than a month the fourth war will indeed become full scale but please keep in mind not all bombs, whether conventional – unconventional and missiles – are going to work, some will miss, others will be duds, nothing works as well as advertised, no matter who made them. Some of course will work.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.