Eileen Miyoko Olszewski: ‘Hawaiian Mongoose’ makes Poi Poi of ‘Destiny’

Amid the decor of an Italian style courtyard, on August 24, 2007, Eileen Olszewski clashed with Suszannah “Destiny” Warner for a four round bout at the Bronx’s own majestic Paradise Theatre.

In the mix.
In the mix

Non-stop action, both fighters fought intensely throughout every round. While Warner kept in the mix, during the first two rounds, Eileen scored better and during the third round, this tenacious mongoose connected repeatedly with a flurry of left hooks and landed a notable straight solid right. Warner fought brave and hard, but clearly most of that work and power landed on Eileen’s gloves, especially in the fourth round. New Yorkers experienced a great match, and Eileen received a Majority Decision.

Eileen Wins.
Eileen Wins

Before the fight, Jill Diamond of WBC’s Championship Committee emphasized, “These are both excellent boxers, and a major concern for Eileen is to avoid injury. She has to prepare for a war in Italy.”

That’s right, “Si spa preparando per la Guerra in Italia.”

From an Italian decor theatre in the Bronx, undefeated Eileen journeys to an arena in Sunny Italy. And on September 14, 2007, she will have her chance for a World Title at Ariano Polesine, in Rovigo, Veneto, against WBC Flyweight world title defender, veteran champion, Stefania Bianchini. And make no mistake about the hometown girl; this sweet Italian gelato is one tough 10 round boxing gladiator.

*An Honorable mention deservedly goes to Zack Page who LOST his bout earlier this evening. Perhaps the roaming espn2 audio man that blocked much of the action upsetting some writers also obscured the judges. No, he did not cover that match.

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