Crossfire War – Berlin Leads Criticism of French-Libya Nuclear Reactor

Crossfire War – PARIS – TRIPOLI – ALGIERS WATCH – Mediterranean Theatre: Paris – Algiers – Damascus – Beirut – Tehran – Tripoli/Madrid – Rome – Brussels – Berlin – Washington – Moscow; Germany Leads International Criticism of France “al – Qadhafi Gamble” – Nuclear Reactor Agreement Risks Continued Proliferation on Nuclear Weapons Grade Material

Night Watch: PARIS – What the established French daily Le Figaro calls the “al-Qadhafi Gamble” is being met with a barrage of international criticism led by Berlin. The Berlin based daily Tagesspiegal will provide major coverage on this decision in its Sunday edition, especially the response from Ruprecht Polenz, the head of Foreign Affairs Committee in the German Parliament. The agreement under fire is centered around France President Nicolas Sarkozy and his meeting with Libya leader Mommar al-Qadhafi in which the French energy firm Areva NP received a contract to construct a new nuclear reactor in Libya. Of course the public reason given was that the reactor will be used for just peaceful purposes, part of Qadhafi’s image of cooperating with the West, an image he began to cultivate four years ago as part of the Islamic world’s campaign of deception, while Islamic governments actually prepare to support any Islamic country in any war with the West-India-Russia. [IRNA]

Perhaps one of the reasons the French made this agreement is not only from their historical obsession to lead the West in affairs concerning the Mediterranean and Islamic world, but some of the French business and diplomatic community may have actually fallen for the new image of Colonel Qadhafi. There is also the added attraction of an enormous amount of money in promoting one of the worlds most desired and prestigious energy sources. This is just the latest in a long line of ridiculous, corrupt decisions established society and governments in the West have been making for the past 35 years, decisions that are Tehran and the Islamic world’s greatest weapon. From the arming of West Asia (Middle East) so heavily, (1973 t0 present) having Khomeini in exile in a Paris suburb and enabling him to overthrow the Shah of Iran (1979) and to building bases for Saudi Arabia-Iran by engineering services based in San Francisco going through their London branch office, (1991-2002) decisions that are mentioned and chronicled in almost every article on This is why the West’s role in this war is completely defensive, regrouped around Rome, a regrouping that began last summer with the Rome Conference. [LEFIGARO]

Polenz actually described the agreement as a “bitter pill for the EU.” He may know privately it is a bitter pill of defeat. Berlin knows any nuclear reactor can be used for weaponry and that both Berlin and Paris took a leading role, along with London during the past four years in the serious European Union negotiations with Tehran in a last minute futile effort to end Iran’s nuclear weapons enrichment program, a program that was re-started by Tehran in 1986. Iran’s first nuclear program began in the mid-1970s with German assistance but when the Shah of Iran was overthrown Germany ended its work on the Bushehr nuclear reactor. I do not believe Libya’s new nuclear reactor will be used for desalination or to assist the Islamic world’s attempt to control the salt in the Dead Sea. However, will be another nuclear reactor source of weapons grade material.

The business influence behind President Sarkozy’s decision is Areva, the world’s largest builder of nuclear reactors, 34% of which is owned by the German electronics firm Siemens and from Berlin’s reaction; Siemens was not consulted on this decision at all. German Deputy Foreign Minister Gernot Erler actually stated, other than hurting German business interests, “Furthermore there is a heightened risk of proliferation with each country that uses atomic energy.” Nothing could be more true and not only in this war but in wars afterward. The French loose cannon is as active as ever, but they are hardly by themselves in that. The EU is a divided house that will not stand.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.