Crossfire War – Marchers in London – Wall Street Journal Target Wahhabism

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Night Watch: PRISTINA – “We demand from the Saudi government to criminalize and ban the extreme Wahhabism movement, given that it is the prime factor in inciting violence, hatred and intolerance throughout the world.” That is the statement from organizers of a march today in central London which will end at the Saudi Embassy.

They are in effect demanding the House of Saud ban Islam because Wahhabism is at the center, the foundation of Islamic thought, the inspired writings and teachings of hatred of anyone or any society that is not Islamic, the non-Islamic world around them.

The Saudis are at the center of the Sunni mentality that is very much similiar to the Shi’ite beliefs of the Ayatollah Khomeini who also did not believe one should use Islam only in ones own personal life, but that Islam should attack and defeat the world around them. Islam did not expand peacefully and when Jihad is called for it is not a religion of peace. The House of Saud is not about to ban itself. [IRNA]

Both the Saudis and the clerics in Tehran knew the world was eager to arm them, so in the name of Jihad they will see how well the weapons work and not against each other. Tehran-Riyadh will soon be comparing notes on the performance of their ballistic missile systems they purchased from Beijing, either directly or through Pyongyang. China knew if Iran-Riyadh-Islamabad are successful then three of Beijing’s international rivals will become weaker, the West-India-Russia. In Iran’s case the Shahab missile program, with the Shahab-3 having a range of 1,250 miles, based on an engine design developed in North Korea and in Saudi Arabia the CSS-2 intermediate range missile Riyadh purchased directly from China in the mid – 1980s.

I first found out about the Saudi purchase from Proceedings magazine, an issue I belive in the late 1990s, on missile sales to West Asia (Middle East). Reuters mentioned the missile on Feb. 15, 2004 and stated it has a range of 2,500 miles (4,000 km). Of course nothing works as well as advertised, some will miss and others will be duds, but some of course will work. If the failure rate is high then it will reduce relations Beijing has with Islamic governments.

In the meantime the rally organizers in London, however well intended, don’t realize that most moderate Muslims support the Jihad privately and want it to defeat the West’s ability to manipulate the region. Some of the moderates remember the Ayatollah Khomeini was in exile in a Paris suburb for four months, (Oct. 1978-Feb.1979) when he overthrew the Shah, which is where he received the communication assistance he needed in order to become the leader of the anti-Shah revolt. Otherwise he would have died in theoretical exile in Najaf, Iraq, an angry Islamic writer- teacher, instead of with a national base in the world’s most strategic region.

International investment groups in the West did not realize Khomeini’s influence would extend beyond Central Asia, where Khomeini and Iranians were from. Disturbances there would justify Moscow making more invasions south toward the Persian Gulf, right through Iran. Russian scientists went south instead right after the Cold War ended in 1990. Everyone knows Jihad pays well.

The rally should instead denounce the engineering services headquarted in San Francisco, which were invited to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended in 1991 as shown on CNN, the London branch office of the firm. The London branch office was used to avoid Washington’s economic embargo on Iran. The same servile service constructed the base network for Saudi Arabia during the 1980s, bases and underground facilities that are nuclear bomb proof, which were shown during he six month coalition build up. Events connect. That is the real reason the coalition was ordered to halt outside Baghdad and leave Saddam there for 12 years while the bases were completed for Iran. Saddam is then finally removed and the trap of Iraq begins.

But in the meantime another theatre of war is set by the West with the extraordinarily regressive decision to take advantage of the political disputes inside Yugoslavia, which began with the death of Marshal Tito in 1980, and recognize some of the states within the country as independent republics, to justify the European Union and NATO’s power projection in the region. Both organizations are headquarted in Brussels and the nations which are part of the inner circle of both organizations decision making are not from Southeast Europe.

So another war begins and though it was directed at Serbia, the Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina were the most victimized in 1992 due to the military embargo imposed by NATO on the Muslim led government in their capital Sarajevo, until Mujahideen fighters arrived that same year. Before the fighters arrived Bosnia was defenseless against Serbian attacks. It should be no shock to realize Riyadh-Tehran-Ankara sent them with all the equipment and financing they needed and to continue to use Bosnia as a base for further operations.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently on a confidential CIA report which simply added some detail to what had been known since 1992, that the House of Saud, and one of their most prominent banking families, the Al Rajhis bank, have been systematically fiancing Wahhabi groups around the world. In Europe their most prominent bases are of course in Bosnia and Kosovo.

In March and April this year reported on firefights the Serbian police had with them in south Serbia where Islamic radicals are trying to extend their influence. The House of Saud has used Wahhabism as a vanguard for the Jihad in the same way Tehran has used al-Qaeda. Fifteen of the nineteen who carried out 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia and of course they were fulfilling their Wahhabism beliefs as is the Fatah al-Islam unit in Nahr al-Bared outside Tripoli. I was not surprised it was mentioned a lot of them were from Saudi Arabia and had seen action in Iraq. It was recently mentioned of all the Islamic countries, that have sent fighters to Iraq, Saudi Arabia has sent more than anyone else. [SERBIANNA]

Tehran-Riyadh are now eagerly anticipating Ankara’s invasion of northern Iraq knowing it will embarrass the lost alliance of UK/US even more. And all three capitals are waiting to take advantage of the next wave of fighting in the Balkans that will begin this summer over Kosovo.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.