Biden Administration Kills 10 Afghan Civilians Including 6 Children

Not only has the Biden administration handed Afghanistan’s control over to Islamic terrorists but is now killing innocent Afghan civilians who are trying to escape the terror. And these include children as young as two years old.

Afghan civilians children killed biden
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Children Among Afghan Civilians Killed by US Strike

Multiple news sources reported on the casualties caused by a US military drone attack on Sunday targeting a vehicle carrying what the military called ISIS members. However, as WIC News reported on Monday, the victims were innocent Afghan civilians and came from a single family. The victims include 6 children that were named in the story.

Sumaya, the youngest child to be killed, was just two years old. The eldest child was Farzad, who was 12 years old.

Emaal Ahmadi, father of Sumaya, was cited saying he and his family were waiting to go to the airport to exit the country for United States.

The Central Command of the US Army has said that they are investigating the incident, but they are not yet able to clearly explain how these 10 people died.

The Biden administration, meanwhile, has failed to coherently explain the incident of Afghan civilians dying by US military strikes after establishment news sources reported without any evidence that the US military killed ISIS-K terrorists who planned the deadly blasts of August 26, killing 13 US soldiers and leaving many others wounded.

Biden Showing No Remorse

While the Biden administration acts as though it doesn’t care who and how many are killed and terrorized in Afghanistan, a frail and incoherent Biden himself appears detached from the crisis.

Sky News reported how Biden shows virtually no remorse for his failure in securing the troops and civilians against Islamic terror in Afghanistan. New York Post’s Kelly Jane Torrance told Paul Murray on Sky News that even the media that went easy on Biden all along until now are finally questioning him over Afghanistan.

“Things are changing and you can’t ignore the images coming out of Afghanistan,” said Torrance.