American Media: the Most Dangerous Silencing Network

The scandalous behavior of the American media has no bounds.

How did it happen that all who belong to in the American media network know that Joe Biden, the Democrat Party presidential candidate, is suffering from a precarious stage of mental incapacity and he is unfit for presidential office, yet, they silence all information about him and his condition?

The November 2020 election is considered to be the most important and determining election for the existence of the West as a free society, yet the American media network is more silent than reporting on it.

The media knows that Biden will not be able to debate, as required of a presidential candidate, therefore, they “advise” him not to participate in debating President Trump while, of course blaming the incumbent President, Mr. Trump.

American media are silent about Joe Biden's obvious senility.
Joe Biden and President Donald Trump – November 2020 election-screen image

How did it happen that all those who belong to the American media network know that Joe Biden is a serial sex harasser, but the ‘Me Too’ force’s shrilling voices suddenly disappeared, even the one female who claimed that Biden raped her?

In his own words, Joe Biden admitted that he is corrupt. He exposed this regarding his activities and actions in the Ukraine. However, members of the American media network who know about his corruption obscure these facts.

Here is Joe Biden, in his own words:

How did it happen that the most dangerous communists, Islamists and anarchist Progressives took over the Democrat Party, just as with the Labour Party in Britain, but the American media network pretends that everything is business as usual? Same old, same.

The media ask no questions and print no reports.

Why is everyone pretending that it is okay for Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Islamist, to openly support the organization CAIR, a cover for the Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States?

The media ask no questions and print no reports.

Why is it that the American media does not report that J Street, an anti-Israel organization that supports Ilhan Omar, the Somali Muslim who opposes the existence of the State of Israel, invited her to their last conference? And what’s more, the recalcitrant media categorize J Street as a pro-Israel organization? This hostile organization continues to act against Israel while neglecting the American Jewry that is exposed to promiscuous Antisemitism, facts that do not appear in the media.

The media ask no questions and print no reports.

In the United States’ “media” everyone knows that Bill Clinton has a much-whispered connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s pimping island scandal with young ladies. But the media does not deal with this issue and every possible report on the matter is silent. What really happened on this island may lead to a political atom bomb explosion. Could some political heads be politically guillotined? What was the role of Epstein’s elite personal friends in these matters?

We don’t know the answer to these questions because the media ask no questions, do not investigate, and print no reports.

After all, the public has the right to know the truth. After all, there are investigations, hidden camera footage, the “Press Council,” what is a fictitious organization that belongs to the “media cult” but the silence of those doing the silencing is jarring to the ear.

The media and its operators know about these questions but they are not inquisitive. It is a concealing and silencing media network that is not earnestly reporting and revealing according to its role.

The media are actually the “Ministry of Truth” without the truth. It appears the most serious fraud in the history of the United States has been going on, but the mainstream media, which used to act as a watchdog, is sleeping quietly. As the Latin saying goes, ‘dum tacet clamat’ meaning, though silent, he speaks. Or in other words, the media silence speaks volumes.

Joe Biden is the Democrat Party’s hopeful to become the United States’ 46th president. But Joe Biden is suffering from the loss of cognitive mind, which can easily be seen in videos of his recent appearances. In older videos of his appearances with families with young girls and women, he appears to be a serial sexual harasser, as shown in the video below.

By his own actions and the actions of his son while he was vice-president, he appears to be one of the poles on which the Washingtonian Swamp stands. We may need to wait until Joe Biden indicts himself, because the media will not ask questions. Biden does not even know where he is, and sometimes, he doesn’t know for what job he is running.

The American media know all about Joe Biden, but Joe is their man, so there will be no hard questions, and no reports.

Is it possible that every mainstream journalist has been sucked into the swamp? Or are many of them just afraid of losing their job, and prefer to jettison their integrity rather than their paycheck? Either way, the people’s trust in journalism is at a low ebb.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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