WADE IN THE WATER – When Anti-Heroes Collide

This is a tale that’s crammed with fatalistic charm. It’s about victimhood and human connection but, most of all, it’s about doing the right thing. As there is no greater human divergence than what people deem this to be, conflicts abound. This film gives no answers, but the questions it asks are intriguing.

Wade In the Water poster
Wade In the Water poster

Colin (Tom E. Nicholson) is a loner. He works from home, is friendless and prone to anti-social behavior. His only contact with the outside world is the server at his local fast food restaurant and a therapist.

He can’t communicate with his therapist but she’s part of his probation conditions so he’s forced to try.

His life would have undoubtedly continued in the same humdrum manner had he not received someone else’s mail in his P.O. Box. He inadvertently opens it, which is when his life is thrown into a maelstrom of his own making.

Only Colin is aware of the misplaced mail, so there’s no compunction for him to act. He’s one of life’s victims and the expectation is for him to accept whatever the world sends his way.

But instead, he turns his life, and the story, on its head. He delivers the unexpected and, when he does, it comes roaring right back at him. There’s nothing like a plot twist when you’re sure there’s not one coming.

As Colin travels along his new-found path, his solitude is interrupted by Tilly (Danika Golembek). She’s confused and alone and overwhelmed by what life is throwing at her. She’s looking for answers, which Colin is ill-equipped to provide.

But when two damaged individuals crash into each other on a pitch black night, there’s no way of getting past. It’s too bewildering and too complicated and sometimes it’s better to tread a little water to see how the cards fall. Neither of these two people are whole but, in the end, they both try and do right by each other. They’re impossible not to like.

The film never introduces Colin so he has no name, but ‘Colin’ seems to fit this curious soul. Not all heroes wear capes and grandstand about making a difference. Some wait quietly in the wings and, when the call comes, they step silently onto the burning coal.

Premiering on Amazon Friday, 21st August, 2020