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Miv Evans is a British writer who relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. She has written 300+ film reviews and her debut novel was published in 2014.

DADDIO – But Who Is He?

This is a psycho-dramatic character study that takes place during a single cab ride. It hits some high notes and sidesteps others but, by...
And so it begins cover

AND SO IT BEGINS – Filipinos in Fear

AND SO IT BEGINS is a socio-political documentary set in the months leading up to a 2022 presidential election in the Philippines. Hopes are...
Death of a Whistleblower

DEATH OF A WHISTLEBLOWER – Making the Short List

In this thriller, Death of a Whistleblower, subterfuge is played out against an ancient backdrop of political struggle. Every aspect is compelling but, at...
a compassionate spy feature image


Reenactments in A Compassionate Spy replace history and the narrator is the giggly 90-year-old widow of the film's subject.
North Circular


The subject of most musical documentaries is usually a musician, but North Circular is different, and not in a good way. This time the filmmakers present a random group of people who complain about their lost past and the music that intercuts.
the jewel thief

THE JEWEL THIEF – A Child Prodigy Story

There is an appetite for The Jewel Thief, Gerald Blanchard, a Canadian criminal who claims new lands as his own, preferably laced with landmines.
imagining the indian

IMAGINING THE INDIAN – Promoting the ‘R’ Word

This emotionally charged documentary tells a tale that started 800 years ago. At this time, the citizens of 500 Indian nations were the only ones who called the US home.
Hudson, America - Heritage, Bangladesh screenshot

Hudson, America – Heritage, Bangladesh

The stories of the teenagers featured in this documentary are all compelling but, unfortunately, the power of their material is never fully ignited. What...
california supreme court

Does the California Supreme Court Have a Side Hustle?

For anyone who thinks their local court didn't deliver the justice they deserved, there's always the California Supreme Court to turn to. But before...
americanish movie

Americanish – Missing the Pointish

Americanish is about three Muslim women negotiating the dating scene. This is a rich vein to tap but, unfortunately, the film is so packed with clichés, and so bereft of conflict, predictability lurks at every corner. The acting is superb but that's never enough.
Free Chol Soo Lee

Free Chol Soo Lee – a Korean in America

This documentary tells the story of a young Korean immigrant, Chol Soo Lee, who is plucked off the lawless streets of Chinatown by a...

MAIKA – The Girl from Another Galaxy

Maika is a delightful children's adventure, brought to us all the way from Vietnam. Despite a lack of originality, it stays the course, proving...
the duke feature

THE DUKE – the Cost of Art

The Duke is a biography; a family drama; a coming-of-age story and an art heist. All four threads are stitched together by a commentary...
Downfall of Boeing. netflix youtube screenshot.


Downfall is a documentary about the two Boeing airplanes that crashed out of the sky four months apart. There was an investigation, but Big...
The Janes

THE JANES – Political Hot Potatoes

WHO ARE THE JANES? This is a documentary about a group of middle-class females, the Janes, who went rogue. It happened half a century ago...
lgbtq conversion therapy. Image from youtube screenshot.

PRAY AWAY – Evangelical Sadists Doing God’s Work –...

"Reparative" or "conversion" therapy is an attempt to change a person's sexual orientation or gender. As bizarre a notion as this may sound, an...
ahmir questlove thompso. image from youtube screenshot.n

SUMMER OF SOUL (Or When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

The Summer of Soul documentary is the digital resurrection of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. The footage has been edited with narration referencing that...
Misha and the wolves: Movie poster.

MISHA AND THE WOLVES – a Stranger than Fiction Memoire

Misha and the Wolves is a story involving a Belgian immigrant and a Massachusetts publisher. It's an intriguing tale about an intriguing tale that...
Writing with Fire. Photo: c/o Sundance Film Festival

WRITING WITH FIRE – Dainty Hands in Iron Gloves

Writing With Fire is a story about an intrepid group of reporters who grew their readership to more than150 million in a few short...
President - from 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Photo: c/o Sundance Institute.

PRESIDENT – Watching the Steal

President is a story about an enchanting young leader: an aging despot nicknamed 'The Snake'; an inscrutable judge; Nelson Mandela's ex-lawyer and a slain...