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Miv Evans is a British writer who relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. She has written 300+ film reviews and her debut novel was published in 2014.


The Kidnapping of Mr Heineken Film Review

A sensational kidnapping that captivated the Dutch nation, a high-octane drama based on a real-life crime back in 1983.

I Am Ali – The Real Deal

Of the many documentaries about Muhammad Ali, none are quite like this, up close and personal, with the entire film centered around the tapes Ali recorded of conversations he had with his children from the time they were able to talk.


You don't have to be a fan of Hip Hop to enjoy this film. You just have to be a human being who has, at one time in your life, had all hope swept away, which makes it a story for us all.

The Drop Movie Review

It's authentic, realistic and suspends our disbelief, which is why we go to the movies in the first place.

Movie Review: Honeymoon

An barrage of creepy cliches are thrown at the plot, but none make sense, or connected, or explained. This lack of coherence gives a 'horror coated' feel, no big scares, no edge-of-the-seat

FED UP Film Review

Movie review Miv Evans reviews the film 'FED UP'. Evans states that the documentary doesn't contain any surprises and or any answers.

As Above, So Below Film Review

Scarlett sets off on a bus in Iran and ends up in the tunnels that lie below Paris. There are encounters with a Grim Reaper, the odd zombie, blood spatter. Fodder for a B-rated horror movie but, unfortunately, not one you'd want to watch.
On My Way poster

On My Way Film Review

or some reason, the writers decided that a prelude to the big adventure was needed and threw in a few scenes in which the aging grandmother is seduced by a 30 year-old man.

‘How I Exiled My Inner Bitch’ Book Makes Amazon Best Seller...

Greg has denial on intravenous, so Dionne's quirks simply pass him by and, pretty soon, shallow love blossoms. But also blossoming are Greg's daughters

Getaway Movie Review

If you can imagine what it's like to sit in the passenger seat of a Mustang and be driven around and around the same race track for an hour and half, you don't need to see this film.

Jobs – The First Of Many Films

Had this theme of 'having it all ways' been embedded from the start, the audience could have watched as a Greek tragedy was born.

General Hospital Actor Scott Defalco Spotted in LA

Scott Defalco, recurring actor on General Hospital, in the Newsroom, Beverly Beverly Hills. We asked him what he was drinking and he said ...

The Company You Keep: When Your Past Won’t Sleep

a lot of characters in this Robert Redford project are in their seventies, which takes nothing from the film, and Julie Christie, at 71, looks quite amazing.

NO – from Chile

the events the filmmakers depict are so powerful that the images create a story all of their own. Truths are encompassed by themes of stolen civil liberties and, abomination by abomination, this tragic era of Chile's history is faithfully drawn.
parker the movie

Parker: A Bad Bad Guy

An action-centric trailer might initially pull audiences in but, with nothing more to offer than a gun-crazed killer, interest will wane, and this crime flick will be on its way to the DVD graveyard.
the last stand

Arnie Is Back in ‘The Last Stand’

Talking is kept to a minimum, and it's the high-octane action that fuels the vehicle, which lets us know, that Arnie is back.

This is 40 – Allegedly

A film where vignettes are stuck together and interlaced by the tedious bickering of a couple who have nothing more on their minds than themselves.

FLIGHT – Ready to Fall

It's impossible to know what dumb mistake our hero is going to make next, and it's these dilemmas that keep us intrigued from beginning to end.
tears of gaza

Tears of Gaza Film Review

The filmmaker claims it is an anti-war offering. Every frame is so blatantly skewed that it plays more like an exercise in anti-Israel propaganda than a sincere attempt to advocate an end to war.

Little Birds Review

The filmmakers hop from a character driven piece to action, which is a fatal move, and storytelling at its weakest. In fact, it's not really storytelling at all.