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Miv Evans is a British writer who relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. She has written 300+ film reviews and her debut novel was published in 2014.


COUP 53 – an Iranian Secret Revealed

This documentary has everything. An oil-rich kingdom. International espionage. A downtrodden, Middle Eastern populace. Riches stolen by a historical master. A treasonous monarch and...
the girl who wore freedom

THE GIRL WHO WORE FREEDOM – a Franco-American Romance

This is a documentary about a group of French citizens who, decades earlier, were freed from German occupation by US soldiers. On every anniversary...
troopship feature

TROOPSHIP TRAGEDY – an Ancient South African Tale

This is a startling documentary which catalogues the events surrounding South Africa's worst ever maritime disaster. It's a story about hope and loyalty. It...
Wade In the Water poster

WADE IN THE WATER – When Anti-Heroes Collide

This is a tale that's crammed with fatalistic charm. It's about victimhood and human connection but, most of all, it's about doing the right...
denis goldberg

SENTENCED WITH MANDELA – a White Anti-Apartheid Story

When the South African activist Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison in 1983, there were six others with him. Only one of...
The Unlit

THE UNLIT – a Smart Aussie Horror

If you like your 'Going- Into-the-Woods' tales with a touch of blood, this film is for you. It's The Wicker Man meets Blood...
bohemian rhapsody the story of queen

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – The Story of Queen

This is a dramatization of Freddy Mercury's life. His journey is propelled by the rock and roll staples of gargantuan talent, a modicum of...
Mister America

Mister America – En Route to the White House

Mister America is a mockumentary that satirizes an aspiring politician. A very rich vein to tap. Unfortunately, however, the politician is hopelessly inadequate, and...
always in season

Always In Season

Documentaries generally inform, shine a light or launch a crusade. Always in Season does the first two with aplomb so hopefully a march for...
Where's My Roy Cohn

Where’s My Roy Cohn? – Ask Trump

Where's My Roy Cohn is a documentary about a genius lawyer and power broker who reached giddy heights before overplaying his hand and crashing...
girls of the sun

Girls of the Sun

This is a dramatization of a true story about a group of women who are captured by ISIS. They eventually escape and take up...
quincy jones

QUINCY – the Jones Kid

This is a documentary about Quincy Jones, the iconic American musician, composer and producer. His career spans decades. Emmys are still dropping in his...
a private war trailer


This biopic follows the path of veteran war correspondent Marie Colvin. It swoops from one front line to the next, fighting its way past...

THE BLEEDING EDGE – Shocking Netflix Documentary

This is a compelling insight into the world of medical devices. It's scary stuff but, as the narrative peels back the facts, fear is...
ANON - Withholding the Future.

ANON – Withholding the Future

The citizens in 'Anon' have been implanted with a chip that records all their actions. Every byte of this intel is on a display...
Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace – An All Around Wilderness

This is a story about a father and daughter who have rejected society and everything else the world has to offer. It's an intriguing...
abacus poster.

ABACUS: Small Enough To Jail (Documentary)

All the banks involved in the 2008 financial crisis were given fines and a slap on the wrist - except for one. The family...
the escape poster.

THE ESCAPE – With a Soft Landing

This is a story about a woman who can't enjoy anyone or anything. But instead of pulling on her heroine boots and fighting for...
a scene from phantom thread

PHANTOM THREAD – Before Weinstein Got Outed

This story is about an iconic fashion designer who abuses those around him. Despite such abhorrent behavior, he finds happiness. This sends a message...
Trouble in Space

LIFE – Trouble in Space

Life is a space horror that lacks just about everything. There's no growing tension and not a single twist or turn. It skips over...