Albanians Are Not Bullies Nor Is America Conqueror of Serbia

How the supposed Brazilian native Joao Alcides Olenski advocates for Serbia and other Slavic countries is his own problem, but that does not give him the right to openly and outwardly insult Albanians by calling them “bullies” letter to NewsBlazeAlbanians, like everyone else on the planet, are human beings. Therefore that Joao A. Olenski’s offensive statement directed toward Albanians is sui generis falls (i.e. protection of racism and fascism in Serbia).

Olenski stated, “In Serbian land, Kosovo-occupied by Albanian mafia bosses and USA military, all currencies are rolled from profit of crime and drugs trafficking. You have infested the area with your dirty business and you will be judged for it.” This is a false and hateful accusation meant to mislead people into believing that Albanians and Americans are criminals. Here is the truth:

Albanians and Americans have been close allies during the war and currently in peace. Neither Albanians nor the United Stateshave invaded any part of Serbian territory, however since the liberation of Albanians in Kosovo from Serbiawith the help of the USmilitary in 1999, Serbian ultranationalists have spoken out against both Albanians and Americans as criminals. The Serbian government and church continue to brand the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) as “mafia and terrorists” simply because the KLA fought off Serbian military and police forces.

Now we must question whether Olenski is at all Brazilian, but rather Serbian, because there is no reason for any Brazilian to think or write such offending words against Albanians. I usually never respond to such letters since most of them are written by anonymous authors, however this letter titled, “Serbs are Real Victims of Albanian Bullies,” that was published in the NewsBlaze in response to my article “Serbia not joining the EU” seemed suspicious since the author, Joao Alcides Olenski, is claiming to be Brazilian.

To make it clear, the endorser of this letter is NOT a Brazilian, but a Serb. Why would a Brazilian feel allegiance toward Serbia, especially since Brazilians do not share any traditional values with Serbs or Slavs be it religion or culture civilization. It’s very simple to understand that a Brazilian would say never that Albanians are “bullies” and Serbs are “victims,” because this is a FIGMENT of the centuries-old Serbian political and religious agenda against Albanians, developed with the sole of purpose of invading and conquering native Albanian land by means of aggression and genocide (1878-1999).

This is a purely fabricated story By Olenski, created by Serbian liars with malice, intended to insult and paint Albanians as bad and uncivilized people in the Balkans. The irony is that throughout history, Serbs have been the real bullies, committing genocide and several wars against Albanians and Albania (1878-1999).

Olenski also claimed in his letter that in Europe, it was only the Serbs that fought against fascism. But, historically, during the Second World War, all the people of Yugoslaviaunder Josip Broz Tito’s Yugoslav Antifascist Liberation Movement (Slovenians, Croatians, Albanians, Montenegrins, Bosnians, Hungarians, Macedonians etc.) fought together against fascism within Yugoslav Borders. It was not only Serbs, as the “Brazilian” author alleges in this very shameful and false publication that intends to misinform the international public opinion.