Serbs are ‘Real’ Victims of Albanian Bullies

Dear Editor:

I am a Brazilian reader who by chance got across your blog. My friends consider me a stubborn admirer of the USA. You know why? Because I spent 2 wonderful years of my life as a foreign exchange student and as a regular student in America.

I made many friends and gretaly identified myself with that culture that seemed to be so jovial and positive! I admire the Tea Party too! But…. your article about “Serbia not joining the EU” made me terribly sad!

I love history and as a fan of America I am also a fan of Serbia and all Slavic countries as well. You would be surprised about their similarities.

The Serbs are the main victims of this regime because it is the Serbs who have historically opposed the re-birth of fascism in Europe. It is a fight that continues today. Consequently the role of The Hague tribunal should be seen as both absurd and shameful.

Kosovo is now the heart of the European trade in drugs and people trafficking. This is not an accident. Despite the outright lies and distortions of the corporate media which paints a picture of the Kosovo occupation as a ‘success story’ the truth is the complete opposite.

As more and more evidence surfaces that the estimates of Albanian deaths offered during the war were greatly exaggerated, the powers that be desperately attempt to prove that the numbers were large enough 10,000 according to the report to justify their actions. What the “accounting” fails to account for is Kosovo’s grim post-war reality.

According to Jiri Dienstbier, the U.N. special representative on human rights in the former Yugoslavia, “the spring ethnic cleansing of ethnic Albanians accompanied by murders, torture, looting and burning of houses has been replaced by the fall ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Romas, Bosniaks and other non-Albanians accompanied by the same atrocities.

Arianna Huffington, in Salon

In Albania and SERBIAN LAND KOSOVO – occupied by Albanian mafia bosses and USA military, all currencies are rolled from profit from CRIME AND DRUGS, TRAFFICKING. You have infested the area with your dirty business and you will be judged for it.

Albanians were attacking Serbia and Serbs in Kosovo for decades before the conflict.

In a span of 20 years half of the Serbs migrated. Albanian mafia was forceably or by ‘negotiations kicking Serbs from Kosovo. Sebian government decided to implement measures and protect Serbs from Albanian bullies. Then, the international community decided to action ‘humanitarian’ bombardment on Serbia. Albanians were not held responsible. USA military base is in Kosovo. You got that?

Kosovo part of Serbia for 700 YEARS STOLEN BY CLINTON as a gift to MUSLIM FANATICS?

That’s a criminal betrayal of the heroic christian serbs by the US, Europe and the western world.

And how insensitive from the part of NATO to send German troops to help carve away about 15% of Serbian territory. The grandfathers of these German boys had attacked Serbia in 1914. The fathers of these boys attacked Serbia in 1941 and now. Unbelievable!

What else do I need to tell you?

May the Angels of the Good Almighty God exterminate the hidden Nazis of NATO once and for all. May the Angels of the Good Almighty annihilate the real enemies of Christian Serbia!!

For years I have been bullied in Brazil and in just about EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD that I have travelled to for being a declared friend and admirer of America. Don’t make me regret for all those years. It would just be plain cruel!


Joao Alcides Olenski – Brazil

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