Tensions Escalate Between Government of Sudan and Republic of South Sudan

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said tensions have escalated between between the government of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

In her remarks at a Security Council Stakeout, Ms. Rice

said the United States is very gravely concerned about the escalation in tensions between two countries.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the aerial bombardment of targets by the north in South Sudan-including the most outrageous, which was the bombing of Yida refugee camp, housing 20,000 people, repeatedly by air over the course of several hours.” -Ms. Rice

She said it was not the only such bombing in recent days, but it is incontrovertible. She added that the fact that the representative of the government of Sudan came to the Council and blatantly lied is quite disturbing to the United States and to many other members of the Security Council.

She noted that both sides need to show maximum restraint. She stressed that the government of Sudan needs to halt all offensive actions against the south. She added that the South needs to have the wisdom and restraint not to take the bait and not to respond in kind.

“A resumption of full scale direct conflict between the two parties will serve no one’s interests, and puts the future of both countries at grave risk. So in the Security Council, we are discussing the severity and the urgency of the situation.” -Ms. Rice

She emphasizd that as a Council, collectively and individually as member states, parties must de-escalate and return to the negotiating table and resolve the critical issues that divide them that can only be addressed through negotiations.

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